Relin – rubber linoleum

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The article will tell you about the universal anti-slip material – reline. You will learn about the production history, manufacturing method, components and layers of this material. The article contains recommendations for the selection and installation, as well as an analysis of the market price of rubber coatings.

Relin - rubber linoleum

Relin of the old model (GOST 16914-71)

Relin has been mass produced and widely used since the 1950s. It became the solution to the problem of rubber waste and products of the rubber and plastics industry that was gaining momentum. This material combines reliability, practicality, safety and phenomenal durability. The layered construction used in the original material is still used today.

Base layer

Canvas made from rough, durable recycled rubber. This base is not afraid of frost, heat, acid and water. Used rubber products – mainly tires – are ground into crumbs. Then bitumen is added and the mixture is heated to 150 ° C, stirring thoroughly. After adding sulfur, it stabilizes. Then the plates and rolls are rolled out of it..

Finishing layer

The composition of this layer may vary depending on the purpose of the coating. In total, four main types are distinguished:

  1. Technical. 10–20% more bitumen is added to the mixture of the base layer and it becomes more viscous and soft. Excellent vibration dampening. It is used in production workshops and outdoors. Has harmful fumes in minimal quantities, which is acceptable for technical purposes. The thickness of the entire coating is 8–20 mm.
  2. Public. The top layer is made of new rubber, identical in composition to the tire, increased density and frost resistance. It has a recognizable appearance – pressing in the form of uniform circles with a diameter of 20–60 mm (“coin pattern”). Wear-resistant anti-slip coating 8-15 mm thick. Used in public buildings, schools, service stations, etc..
  3. Sports. The same “public”, but with a softer and rougher surface. Thickness from 4 to 25 mm. It is used in the creation of sports facilities, mainly treadmills and cycle tracks.
  4. Medical (anti-static). Antibacterial coating – natural rubber. Thickness 5-8 mm.

Relin - rubber linoleum

The quality and successful combination of components is evidenced by the fact that “old cut” relays can still be found in public buildings on the outskirts. It serves flawlessly, despite obsolescence and unassuming appearance..

Modern relin

Energy-intensive technologies of the past are not relevant in our time when air emissions are strictly controlled. Therefore, rolled finishing materials are becoming thinner and lighter, and less energy is spent on their production. In the era of linoleum and laminate, the rubber canvas has finally passed into the category of “pros”. Modern relin is almost impossible to find in everyday life, but it is indispensable in many cases when it comes to production, medicine, sports.

Relin - rubber linoleum

In administrative buildings, relin is successfully replaced with self-leveling floors, but at sports facilities it is still in demand. The closest competitor – crumb rubber spraying – is less resistant to wear than relin. It is also used in medical institutions..

The material itself became thinner (3–10 mm) and acquired a certain color range from a simple set of colors. Modern requirements have made it absolutely harmless to the body, improved fire safety indicators. An additional view has also appeared – a three-layer relay with a layer of foamed rubber (for heat and sound insulation).

Relin - rubber linoleum

The main distinguishing feature of the new Relin is that no recycled rubber is used in its production. This avoids the use of bituminous components and makes the material completely safe. For example, in Western countries it is widely used in childcare facilities (schools, gardens, etc.) to cover vestibules, corridors and porches.

Release form

Modern rubber linoleum is available in two types: tile and roll.

The tiles are 6–10 mm thick and have a more rigid structure, sometimes reinforced. The shape is usually square with sides ranging from 200 to 600 mm. The tiles are made more frost-resistant for use in cold areas, on open public sports grounds. Specific products – livestock mats – used in barns and farms.

On the basis of relin tiles, paving slabs are also produced, but it has a mediocre relationship to the relin itself – the same base material.

Rolls are produced with a width of 1000-1300 mm and a length of 10 to 14 m. They differ in purpose – medical (antistatic), sports, standard, acid-resistant and wear-resistant. They are used for decoration of premises corresponding to the purpose of each specific type (operating rooms, gyms, etc.).

Relin - rubber linoleum

Relin styling

The main advantage of Relin over its closest competitors (by spraying crumbs, linoleum and bulk polymer concrete floors) is quick installation. It is similar to linoleum flooring, but at the same time it has superior performance properties in comparison with it. “Liquid” competitors are somewhat superior in strength to relin, but have a much more complicated and time-consuming installation process. For laying Relin, the surface must be prepared in the same way as for linoleum. It can be both a wood board (OSB, chipboard), and a leveled screed. The material is placed on rubber mastics such as KN-2 or KN-3 (price from 1.5 to 4.5 USD / kg). Seams between sheets are filled with special bituminous sealants.

Relin price

Name Manufacturer Release form Thickness, mm Type, purpose Price 1 m2, at. e.
SBR-Rubber Slovakia Roll 1.23×10 m 4 public wear resistant 28
GUMMI Russia Slab 1×1.25 m 6 sports, farms, production 32
Slab 1.5×3.5 m ten 41
Pirelli Artigo BS Classic G847 Slate Italy Tile 0.5×0.5 m 2.7 public, medium loads 32
Fitness-8 Russia Roll 10/15 / 20х1 / 1.25 m 8 sport 24
“Avira-P” Russia Tile 0.5×0.5 m ten open areas 18
Dynamico 15 Russia Roll 1.25×10 m 6 public sports sixteen
Gangart Poland Tile 0.5×0.5 m 40 sidewalk 27
Vulkan Serbia Roll 1.25×15 m 3 public sports fourteen
Regupol Everroll Classic Russia / Czech Republic Roll 1.25×24 m 4 medical 36

Despite its long history, relin has not lost its relevance today. It is actively produced and used where it is impossible or difficult to use spraying or bulk polyurethane. Rubber flooring – a reliable and safe solution for home, business and production.

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