Sun-protection double-glazed windows for a country house

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Modern metal-plastic windows can be equipped with a sun-protection film. Not the entire spectrum of sunlight is good for our body: for example, ultraviolet light does more harm than good.

Solar radiation has a negative impact not only on human health, but also on the objects around us. In order to avoid all these problems, solar control glass units were invented..

Sun-protection double-glazed windows for a country house

By their composition, they are ordinary double-glazed windows, consisting of two or three glasses, fastened together by a dividing frame, always with a sealed chamber between them. During manufacture, one or more glasses are treated in a special way in order to subsequently give them reflective properties..

Methods for creating solar control glass units

One way is to install tinted glass. The color can be different: blue, green, turquoise. It all depends on which rays the glass will let through and which ones will hold. As a rule, the necessary lighting and heat enter the room almost unhindered, while the absorption of dangerous infrared rays occurs.

The second method of protection is to stick a special film based on lavsan onto the glass. In this case, the glass will not absorb, but reflect the light falling on it. Often, when using this method, a reflective effect is created: that is, from the street it is completely impossible to see what is happening inside.

Sun-protection double-glazed windows for a country house

Patterned reflective glass has also become very popular in our time. Thanks to it, the room creates the feeling of diffused light that does not irritate the eye. It is impractical in that it completely prevents through visibility, therefore it is more used in bathrooms..

Absorbent and reflective glass

Solar control glass by itself means less solar and thermal energy entering the room. Until recently, the rates of natural light intake and radiation were directly proportional. But thanks to the appearance of the specifics of light reflection, everything has changed a lot..

According to the methods of their action, sun-protection glasses are divided into two types: reflective and absorbing. The first of them is characterized by a thin metal layer that prevents the penetration of sunlight. The second type of glass is made by applying metal crystals to the glass mass. During the period of absorption of radiation, the glass gives off most of the heat to the outside, but, naturally, some of it gets into the room as well. Which is a rather undesirable moment if the room, on the contrary, needs to be cooled.

Sun-protection double-glazed windows for a country house

A fully reflective glass surface is created by applying a large number of layers. To be precise, this is about five layers of coating. Four of them are crystal oxides, and the main layer is silver. Among other things, such glasses have very good thermal insulation properties..

Glasses that absorb and reflect ultraviolet radiation

These glasses are of great importance in the construction of hospitals, nurseries, schools. They are divided into several types: borosilicate, silicate, phosphate. Fused silica is the most efficient to use. But due to its relatively high cost, it is rarely used..

UV-resistant glass is used in the construction of special-purpose buildings. For example, museums, libraries, art galleries. There are several types of glass that are capable of actively absorbing ultraviolet light. They are dyed in mass and with an oxide-metal coating. Their main function is to filter light. Such glasses absorb not only ultraviolet light, but also blue and violet rays of visible light..

Varieties of glasses

For the correct choice of glass, it is important to know all the features that it has. One of the types is laminated or laminated glass. The very procedure for its manufacture is rather complicated and is carried out using an automated line. As a result, glass is obtained, consisting of several layers glued together using film or laminated liquid.

Sun-protection double-glazed windows for a country house

This procedure significantly increases the safety of the glass. In the event that it breaks, the fragments remain hanging on the film and do not fly in different directions.

Colored glass is mainly used for decoration of facades and stained glass windows. Such glasses are very often called absorbent, since they have the ability to absorb large amounts of solar energy..

From all of the above, it follows that by giving the glass certain properties, you can freely influence the penetration of light into the room.

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