How to agree on the redevelopment of real estate for different purposes

Any intervention in the configuration of residential, commercial and industrial premises requires approval from the regulatory authorities. Our site of advice will tell you exactly how this process takes place, what documents will be required for the redevelopment to be legalized in accordance with all the rules.

Practically all serious work related to overhaul and alteration of premises requires approval. To be honest, it is easier to list those works and changes that are not required to be coordinated with the regulatory authorities:

  • Redecorating. That is, updating the finish, including replacing the joinery elements located outside, but without changing the color and pattern.
  • Replacement of windows and doors, without changing the size of the openings. However, the replacement of windows in buildings that are of architectural and historical value will already require approval..

Important! Expansion of a door or window opening, an increase in its height already needs to be coordinated when it comes to a load-bearing wall.

  • Dismantling and replacement of any built-in furniture, including sliding wardrobes.
  • Installation of air conditioners, including outdoor units.
  • Replacement of engineering equipment: radiators, pipes, hobs, bathtubs, toilet bowl and so on.

Important! Engineering equipment can be changed without approval only for a similar power, parameters and technical device. For example, if you had a small two-burner gas hob, and you decided to put a more powerful one on four burners, this must already be agreed with the gas supply company. In addition, the new equipment must be in the same place..

How to agree on the redevelopment of real estate for different purposes

It is necessary to start agreeing on redevelopment, whether it be a residential, commercial or industrial premises, with the preparation of a specific plan. Owners need to clearly understand what exactly they want to change, which walls to demolish, which to build, which openings to expand, which to move, and so on. You need to plan everything so as not to go to the authorities twice, when in the process of repair it turns out, for example, that it is advisable to demolish the wall not partially, but completely.

Next, you need to study your floor plan, issued by the BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory). This is available to all property owners – a technical plan with the characteristics of each room, indicating the size, location of openings, plumbing equipment and gas ovens. If, for some reason, you do not have such a technical plan on hand, be sure to get it at the BTI! Usually, this document comes complete with the rest of the papers on the property and is transferred by the previous owners to the buyers when making a deal.

Important! It is very important for real estate buyers to study the BTI plan. It may turn out that the previous owners have already done redevelopment, but the changes have not legalized.

How to agree on the redevelopment of real estate for different purposes

Redevelopment can be agreed without drawing up a project in the following cases:

  • It is necessary to disassemble curtain walls, partitions.
  • Need to close up the doorway.
  • It is planned to erect a new partition, lightweight, not creating a load on the floors.
  • Minor changes will be made to the facade of the building, which is not valuable in terms of history and architecture.

In this case, only a sketch is required. It can literally be sketched by the owners themselves on a copy of the BTI technical plan. In red, you need to highlight the walls and openings that will be removed, in green – those that will be built. And everything will be clear.

In all other cases, you will first have to start drawing up a full-fledged project with an indication of all the upcoming alterations. And only specialists can do this.!

How to agree on the redevelopment of real estate for different purposes

If your redevelopment can be carried out according to a sketch, then the procedure for approval by the regulatory authorities, that is, the Housing Inspectorate at the location of the property, looks like this:

  1. Collection of documents. The title to the apartment is required, as well as the passports of the owners. Requires the sketch itself, the available registration certificate, the consent of all owners of an apartment or house. If the building belongs to architectural monuments – the permission of the body that controls them. When it comes to the redevelopment of commercial real estate, you need the Charter and founding documents of the owner company. Or a tenant by agreement.
  2. In local governments, the sketch is approved or not. Usually the approval procedure takes 20-30 working days. If permission for redevelopment has been received, then you can proceed with the repair.

Important! A redevelopment permit is usually issued for a year. That is, you have 12 months to complete the planned repairs..

  1. After the completion of the work, a commission arrives at the site, which must make sure that the work was completed according to the sketch, nothing is disturbed.
  2. The act of the acceptance committee is signed.

Important! In order for the redevelopment to be accepted, it is necessary to keep a journal indicating all the work, including hidden ones, which will not be visible after the completion of the repair. You must also follow the technology of work.

  1. The sketch is transferred to the BTI so that changes can be made to the existing technical plan of the real estate.
  2. After receiving a new registration certificate, you may need to submit documents to the Registration Service in order to obtain a new certificate of ownership.

Important! When it comes to commercial real estate, the most difficult thing is to agree on the redevelopment of premises located on the first floor of residential multi-storey buildings. There are very stringent requirements regarding load-bearing structures, façade, communications and so on. It is easier to make changes to the office layout, for example, when the real estate is originally non-residential and is part of a shopping center, shopping center, and so on.

How to agree on the redevelopment of real estate for different purposes

A full-fledged project, a new floor plan is required if the alterations are serious and concern, for example, the transfer of “wet” zones, the installation of an electric hob instead of a gas one, the arrangement of new doorways, the construction of main walls and partitions more than 100 millimeters thick. A redevelopment project and a technical conclusion to it can only be drawn up by a specialized organization. In some cases, the consent of the neighbors and the management company may be required if the redevelopment can partially affect the common area.

In general, the scheme for approving redevelopment for the project is similar to the actions with the sketch. Only instead of the sketch itself, a project and a technical conclusion of a specialized firm are submitted to the local authorities. In addition, the project needs to be approved by the architecture department, fire service, Rospotrebnadzor, DEZ. That is, there are many more instances to be visited. And the process drags on.

Important! When agreeing on the redevelopment of commercial real estate, it is necessary to obtain positive opinions from the gas service, fire supervision, management company, heating network, water utility, architecture department. In addition, a contract with a contractor will be required to carry out the repair work..

How to agree on the redevelopment of real estate for different purposes

When agreeing on the redevelopment of residential real estate, it is necessary to contact the gas service when it comes to installing, replacing, transferring gas equipment. To the water utility – if you plan to transfer the “wet” zones, install a shower without a tray and a cabin. To the heating network – if you need to make changes to the location of the radiators or increase their power.

How to agree on the redevelopment of real estate for different purposes

All experts strongly advise you to first agree on the redevelopment, and only then make repairs. Otherwise, it may turn out that it is impossible to agree on such an alteration and everything must be returned to its original form. It is clear that at the expense of the owner.

However, if the redevelopment has already been done, you need to act according to the following scheme:

  1. Submit an application to the BTI for unauthorized alteration of real estate. Attach a registration certificate and an extract from the USRN to it.
  2. An inspector of the BTI will come to you, who will inspect the redevelopment and fix the changes on the technical plan with a red outline.
  3. The BTI inspector will tell you what other authorities the property owner will need to go to, and will also issue a conclusion on the technical condition of the structures.
  4. A representative of Rospotrebnadzor will also have to come to the facility to draw up an opinion on compliance with sanitary standards.
  5. Then a rework project is drawn up by a specialized firm and all documents are submitted to the local administration or the architectural department. In Moscow, such issues are resolved by the Moscow Housing Inspection.

Important! In general, the process of approving the redevelopment of commercial, non-residential and residential properties is very similar. There are difficulties and subtleties, for example, with production shops, where it is important to ensure the safety of employees.

How to agree on the redevelopment of real estate for different purposes

Redevelopment must be coordinated! Individual owners face a small fine for refusing to legitimize the changes, but they will be forced to redo everything back. And legal entities can face serious penalties and problems. If you do not have the time and opportunity to go through the authorities on your own, you can contact the intermediaries. In any case, for a new project, you will need to go to a specialized bureau..

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