The fall of Europe: renting real estate in exchange for … sex

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The crisis has provoked the emergence of a new type of housing business, which today causes quite justified controversy. “I rent a room to a woman-woman under 45 in exchange for sexual services”: this kind of ads, which quite shocked conservative Europeans a few years ago, have now become commonplace on European real estate portals.

Every day there is an increasing number of tenants who, taking advantage of the despair, lack of money and promiscuity of their fellow citizens, give them a room in exchange for sex services. Police warn that the practice can be viewed as sexual exploitation, albeit in disguise and in many cases difficult to prove. Read more about this phenomenon in the article.

Fallen angels

A resident of Spain, Adrian, is one of the authors of such ads on Internet portals. He rents a room in exchange for sporadic sex and 150 euros a month. At the same time, he admits that for a long time he tried to rent the “corner” for a standard payment, but was unsuccessful, after which he posted a new ad, in which the half-price for rent was compensated by sex services from the tenant.

The fall of Europe: renting real estate in exchange for ... sex

Adrian is divorced, the father of two children and, being unemployed, receives a monthly allowance of 426 euros, which allows him to pay a mortgage of 300 euros per month. The tenant has only 126 euros left to “live”, which prompted him to look for an additional source of income by renting out one of the rooms in his apartment. At the same time, he is absolutely convinced that 150 euros plus sex twice a month is not a big payment for renting an apartment “with all the conveniences”.

“I am offering a separate room for a slender young girl. I pay all living expenses in exchange for sex and good attitude. About me: higher education, cleanliness, good looks, stable job. Interested, please send a photo “.

This and other similar ads can be found today even on the most prestigious real estate portals in Europe. Here you can easily find those who rent a room in exchange for sex, and others who offer their bodies in exchange for a roof over their heads. It is enough to make an online request from a simple combination of “room and sex”, and an endless list of unambiguous ads will appear on the screen, regardless of the country, city, age of tenants or “rented” and their nationality.

“Man, 27 years old. I am looking for a girlfriend with an apartment to live together in exchange for sex. Your age doesn’t matter. The only condition: the room must be independent and spacious “.

The fall of Europe: renting real estate in exchange for ... sex

In most cases, these ads are made by young people with limited resources and unlimited arrogance. They have nothing to lose and gain a lot. Moreover, the cost of housing services for them is usually included in the sexual “pay”. The “boys” set the rules themselves and, along with other conditions, shamelessly demand that the landlords of the apartments have “acceptable” physical characteristics. Despite the shamelessness of presumptuous youths, there are always women who gladly accept their proposals. Most often these are single ladies of post-Balzac age, desperate to find a full-fledged life partner.

As for tenants, as a rule, they are young girls who see such proposals as a good way to save money and partly solve their economic problems..

The decline of European civilization

A man and a woman enter a cafe, introduce themselves to each other and, as soon as the waitress brings them coffee, they start talking about sex. Ricardo – 24 years old, and he recently posted an ad online: “Renting a room in exchange for sexual favors.” She is 25, and her name is not Sara: under an assumed name, she is only trying to find out what is really hidden behind this ad….

The practice of “rent for sex” is gaining increasing proportions not only in Europe (and especially in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland), but also in the USA. Spanish real estate portals are full of similar ads, but the local police do not initiate criminal cases against “sexy” tenants. “Prostitution in Spain is not punishable, and if both parties agree, this practice is not considered a crime,” one of the Spanish police explains his inaction. The same situation is observed in Italy, France, USA, Poland and Finland..

The fall of Europe: renting real estate in exchange for ... sex

The most “mercantile” in terms of sexual rent were the French: they are in no hurry to pay tenants their utilities and receive only sex in return. They usually replace this “rude” word in their ads with a more elegant “service”. However, their innate elegance does not stop them from being extremely practical: a sexy apartment rental in France costs between 450 and 650 euros plus the aforementioned “services”. The Italians and the Swiss also demand money, but half the size of the French. The most “generous” and “impractical” were the Spaniards: 90% of them in exchange for housing ask only for sex and kind attitude…

“Hi,” Sarah wrote after reading Ricardo’s ad. “I am looking for an apartment and would like to know what the essence of such a lease is. You live alone? How old are you? Will the accommodation be free? “.

And he immediately receives a prompt reply: “I live alone. Accommodation, including food and utilities, is completely free. All I ask for in return is sex (not every day, don’t worry). I think we will be able to agree, but first I ask you to send me your photos: in recent days I have received several letters from other applicants, so I will have to choose one of you. ” Then everything goes according to the usual scheme: Ricardo and Sarah exchange phones and in less than 24 hours they meet in a cafe, where, like old acquaintances, they talk about sex and living together.

The fall of Europe: renting real estate in exchange for ... sex

He is tall, large, smiling, a little overweight. But it was not the extra pounds that surprised Sarah, but his absolutely normal appearance. Ricardo’s appearance did not give out anything special in him: an ordinary average man, which thousands walk the streets of Madrid. He was extremely polite and sympathetic to everything that his potential tenant said..

“I admit that from the outside it all doesn’t look quite normal,” says Ricardo, “At first I posted this ad as a joke, but unexpectedly quite a few girls answered me.” He talked about his last roommate: her turned out to be a French tourist who came to Madrid for two weeks. “Everything was quite natural,” Ricardo continues, “We still regularly call and correspond.” “There is no violence here,” he reassures Sarah. will be only when you and I want a relationship “.

Medieval barter

Rent in exchange for sex is becoming the most amazing phenomenon that has recently been observed in modern society. And it is hardly comparable with other examples of housing “barter”, such as renting an apartment in exchange for its renovation or renting a room in exchange for keeping the house clean. What is the reason for the emergence of sex rental deals in real estate? Is it the mortgage crisis or is it the result of an increasingly liberal culture of sexual relations?

The fall of Europe: renting real estate in exchange for ... sex

Social psychologist Eric Fisher argues that the problem here is not in the excessive liberation of people, but in their “loneliness and the increasing commercialization of sexuality.”.

According to Fischer, modern men and women have less and less opportunities for normal communication with each other, and this makes them look for other ways to build relationships. Someone meets on the Internet, others – in marriage agencies, still others – rent housing in exchange for sex and pleasant company. “All of this has a social underpinnings: massive poverty, not only financial, but also spiritual, against the background of a deeply“ sick ”society in which everything is sold and everything is bought,” Fischer says..

Statistics show that the number of “rent for sex” ads directly depends on the cost of housing in European countries. The leading positions in this segment are occupied by Spain, France and Italy, where the average cost of an 80-meter apartment reaches 300 thousand euros. The most “lagging behind” in this regard is Germany, where property prices stabilized 10 years ago, and where the same apartment is estimated at 100 thousand euros. This is probably why offers to rent housing in exchange for sexual services are extremely rare here..

The fall of Europe: renting real estate in exchange for ... sex

Such announcements have received unprecedented prevalence in European universities, which is beginning to worry the European public and makes them doubt the existence of elementary moral principles among a part of the younger generation. So far, one thing is clear: renting real estate in exchange for sex threatens to turn into a new type of business, generated by a protracted crisis, and not only financial, but also, as it turned out, spiritual.

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