How to remove a dowel from a wall

Dowels are used where reliable fastening is required. Thanks to their features and two-piece construction, they “sit” very firmly in the wall. This is great, but if something goes wrong and you need to pull out the dowel, problems can arise. Our tips site will tell you how to deal with them..

The need to pull out a dowel securely screwed into the wall occurs most often in the following cases:

  • The mount is no longer necessary, for example, it was decided to remove the mirror hanging here. And now the hardware just sticks out of the wall.
  • Renovation in progress, you need to plaster and putty the walls.
  • It was decided to attach something else at this place, the dowel does not fit or is not driven in at all where it is needed.
  • The wooden window was changed to a plastic one, and the window sill and frame were fastened with dowels.

How to remove a dowel from a wall

Let’s start with wooden dowels, which are not very popular today, but are still used:

  • Screw a self-tapping screw into a wooden product, then pull on it and pull out the dowel.
  • Just split a wooden block with a chisel, knife, hammer. And pull the chips apart.
  • Loose the wooden dowel to make it easier to slide out of the wall.

How to remove a dowel from a wall

With a plastic dowel, and there are most of them today, you need to proceed as follows:

  • Also try to pick up a self-tapping screw of the right size and screw it in in order to conveniently grip the dowel.
  • Use a regular corkscrew to open wine bottles.
  • Extend the hole around the dowel so that you can loosen it.

How to remove a plastic plug from a wall

Actions with a metal dowel:

  • If its edges protrude from the wall, you can hit the hardware with a hammer several times from different sides. Just to loosen the dowel in the wall;
  • Drill several holes around to reduce the strength of the fastening.
  • If nothing comes out, cut off the dowel cap with a grinder, drive into the wall and putty reliably.

How to remove a dowel from a wall

Important! If a part of the dowel breaks off, there is no way to pull it out, you should drive the remaining part as deep as possible into the wall. The risk is that sooner or later the metal in the wall will start to rust and stains may come to the surface. Therefore, you need to try to drive the rest of the dowel into the wall deeper and putty in two or three layers this place before proceeding to the finishing.

There are two more little secrets to pull out the dowel:

  1. The plastic product can be heated with a soldering iron. The dowel becomes soft and can be pulled out with forceps..
  2. Take a metal pipe that corresponds in size to the diameter of the dowel. Filling the tube will allow you to pull out the stubbornly resisting part.

As you can see, all the tools that can be used to remove dowels from various materials from the wall are simple: a soldering iron, a grinder, a sharp knife, a chisel, nippers, pliers, a nailer, a punch and a hammer, a corkscrew and self-tapping screws of the required size. With the correct use of tools, a competent approach and adherence to safety precautions, it turns out that pulling the dowel out of the wall is no more difficult than a nail without a cap, as the portal has already told about.

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