Light and cozy country house. Choosing the right windows

The window is an integral element of any room. The primary task of windows is to let natural sunlight into the room, which the human body needs for a full life. Even psychologists recommend washing the window for depression to increase the amount of light in the room. In addition, the larger the window, the lower the energy consumption, since natural light stays in the room longer..

Light and cozy country house. Choosing the right windows

Designers and planners are increasingly using windows as part of their decor. Well-designed windows are able to visually expand the area of ​​the room, add “oxygen”. The development of technology makes it possible to give windows a variety of shapes and colors, to fit them into the overall style of the interior.

Standard window openings of apartments do not require a special approach to the choice of windows. It is important here, first of all, to preserve heat in the room and ensure the flow of light. In a country house, windows not only function as a light source, but are also an element of decor, create a certain style of structure. Windows should be chosen at the design stage, taking into account a number of features.

First of all, you should take care of the safety of your home. A dacha or a country house is more susceptible to the danger of intrusion by thieves than an apartment in a high-rise building. And more often than not, these unpleasant personalities enter the structure through the window. Perhaps someone immediately imagined metal bars in the window openings. But take your time. Modern technologies make it possible to more aesthetically solve the security issues of a country house. Windows with an increased level of security are equipped with anti-burglary fittings hidden inside the window profile. Glasses are reinforced with a special film that makes them more durable.

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Panoramic glazing is becoming more and more popular among homeowners. In this case, large-sized windows are installed, from the floor to the roof of the house. Such windows look very impressive both from the outside and from the inside. In this case, special attention should be paid to keeping warm in the house. The development of window technologies has made it possible to implement the most ambitious projects in housing construction without major heat losses. Modern window profiles allow you to make a “warm” window the size of the wall of the house. Thus, you can equip the living room with a panoramic view of the surrounding spaces..

Light and cozy country house. Choosing the right windows

Depending on the material used, the windows are divided into metal-plastic and wooden ones. Reinforced-plastic structures are widespread due to the attractive price and ease of use. The plastic profile is highly resistant to sudden temperature changes and moisture. The design of such windows has good airtightness, which protects housing from drafts and significantly reduces the penetration of noise from the street. For example, a single-chamber double-glazed unit reduces the noise level by 30 dB, a two-chamber glass unit – by 35–40 dB. Professionally installed metal-plastic windows have an unlimited service life, are not susceptible to mold and other parasites. Technologies allow to give a plastic window almost any shape and color, which adds advantages in the formation of a harmonious style of the house.

Despite the widespread use of plastic, wooden window frames are still used in house construction. Moreover, new technologies have made it possible to transfer wooden windows to the category of elite ones. Natural materials are always pleasing to the human eye, they create a cozy atmosphere, emphasize the prestige and individuality of the home. In addition, wood has very good thermal insulation properties..

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Various tree species are used in the manufacture of window frames. Cheaper species include pine, linden, alder, larch. Window frames made of oak, mahogany belong to the class of expensive ones. These are especially strong rocks that guarantee the durability of the window profile..

Light and cozy country house. Choosing the right windows

The cost of a wooden window is also determined by the frame manufacturing technology. The first method is the use of solid wooden blocks, the second, more laborious one – multi-layer gluing of the bars. The gluing technology can significantly increase the strength of the wooden frame. Wood is sensitive to moisture, which can cause deformation of products, the appearance of cracks. As a result, the window frame can be skewed, the moving elements of the structure can jam, that is, the functionality of the window can significantly decrease. When gluing wooden blocks, the resistance to moisture and the strength of the wooden product is significantly increased. The window made using the gluing technology meets international standards and is able to protect the home from bad weather for many years and emphasize the individuality of the interior.

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