Metal-plastic windows – the guarantee of your comfort

For each person, comfort in their own home is one of the components of life comfort. It was not without reason that L. N. Tolstoy said: “Happy is he who is happy at home.” But after all, “the weather in the house” directly depends on what is happening outside the window, in other words, how much external factors (moisture, dust, noise) can darken our life.

Fortunately, we can solve these problems ourselves! It’s very simple, let’s go to change windows.

Choosing reliable window fittings

First, let’s consider the advantages of PVC windows:

  1. Easy to clean – they do not need to be painted, it is enough to wipe the frames with a damp cloth sometimes. Windows do not need pasting: they themselves are airtight, but at the same time they are breathable.
  2. Sound insulation – this problem is especially relevant for urban residents. The hum of cars and public transport haunt you. Plastic windows come to our aid here too, leaving noise outside the walls of our house.
  3. Energy saving – special technologies allow to avoid “leakage” of warm air from the premises in winter. In the summer, it is necessary to prevent outside heating. How this happens, we will consider below..
  4. Sophisticated design is also an important aspect, especially for aesthetes. Indeed, with such windows, any facade is transformed, it becomes elegant. In addition, you have the opportunity to choose the color of the profile and order the desired shape.
  5. Durability – in comparison with wooden windows, which can dry out in 6 years, plastic ones will last from 40 years or more.

We will not delve into the details of the window structure, we will leave it to the professionals, but we will tell you what important components you need to pay attention to when buying.

Fittings are one of the key links in the structure of a window. At first glance, she does not represent anything important, but it is precisely when choosing her that you need to be extremely scrupulous. Just imagine that with one movement of your hand you have to open or swing a sash weighing more than 60 kg! Just at this stage, the hardware is triggered, an invisible at first glance system of wheels and gears located along the perimeter of the sash. Never skimp on this mechanism, how well it will be made depends on how long the windows will serve you. The fittings perform such functions as opening / closing, window ventilation, micro-ventilation, microlift (prevention of sagging of the sashes). There are additional anti-burglary mechanisms and child-proof door locks.

Choosing reliable window fittings

A double-glazed window is the so-called transparent part of the window. As a rule, these are 2 glasses (maybe more), held together by a frame and set on a sealant. The cavity formed between the glasses is filled with gases (to improve sound insulation and thermal protection). Now preference is given to energy-saving double-glazed windows, one glass of which is treated with a special coating, due to which heat is reflected to the original.

Choosing reliable window fittings

Nowadays, you can order metal-plastic windows in any specialized store, where competent specialists will help you make the right choice. Remember that the leaders in production in this area are Germany and Austria, so if you want to get a quality product, you should not save money. Have a nice choice.

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