Polyurethane foam is an excellent “tool” for insulating window openings

Not every person can install a high-quality double-glazed window, so often you have to be content with existing windows. The main reason is the high cost of the product, which most people simply cannot afford. But do not despair, because even from an old wooden window you can make a product that is completely reliable in terms of thermal insulation.

Polyurethane foam is an excellent

Let’s think about what the main window malfunctions a person has to face. First, the biggest problem is cracks and large gaps. It is through them that the cold penetrates into the house. Secondly, the tree is very afraid of moisture and temperature extremes, which in our climatic conditions is quite common. So what is the correct way to carry out insulation work on wooden windows? You will be surprised, but in most cases, polyurethane foam alone may be sufficient..

It is no secret that this building tool is actively used today when installing plastic windows, where its main task is insulation. So why not insulate wooden windows with the help of polyurethane foam. In this case, the dimensions and structure of the latter does not really matter..

It is no secret that polyurethane foam has a chemical and synthetic base, but it does not lead to any side effects (for example, corrosion). Even the smallest cracks can be effectively covered with no chance of cold air. As a result of a short work, it is quite possible to achieve really good isolation from wind, frost and other adverse weather phenomena..

Polyurethane foam is an excellent

What are the features and advantages of polyurethane foam definitely worth noting? First of all, it is a large selection, both in quality and in price. At the same time, to insulate windows, there is no need to spend money on expensive products – the cheapest mounting foam is enough.

For example, industrial polyurethane foam, which is actively used in the installation of floors and complex reinforcement structures, is considered very reliable and durable. At the same time, it should be noted that this reliability is really confirmed by long years of service. The foam really does an excellent job in all operating conditions.

Industrial polyurethane foam is not afraid of high humidity, as well as bright and hot sun rays. There will be no problems with finding foam, which can be easily purchased at any hardware store or on the market..

Polyurethane foam is an excellent

Thus, insulating wooden windows does not require any expensive materials and serious labor costs – everything is simple and affordable, as it should be.

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