Terms of installation of plastic windows

Those who have already faced the replacement of windows can talk about the “outrages” that are happening in the apartment during installation. According to the advertisements, it takes hours to replace windows. How long can it really take to install one window? Let’s take a few of the most common situations..

So situation 1.
Renovated apartment

A standard 3-room apartment in an ordinary panel house of recent construction. Buying housing, which (as has become fashionable recently) is initially not suitable for life (bare concrete walls and ceilings, no plumbing and even primitive sockets), the owner plans in advance for repairs and, most likely, includes the replacement of windows in the expense item. Since today we are talking about editing, we will omit the possible delays and troubles in the stages before the installation, just assume that everything went smoothly and smoothly. The windows are delivered to the site, the assembly team arrives at the agreed time, and the process begins. As a rule, the windows are changed at the first stages of repair, when the dirtiest and wettest works are being carried out. (It makes sense to talk separately about the most appropriate time for replacing windows during the renovation period) Nothing bothers the installers in the apartment, they can dismantle work without fear for property, which takes 30 percent of the time of installing a new window. Also, at such a facility, there are no problems with garbage removal and disposal, local builders will do everything themselves. We can say that all conditions have been created for carrying out work quickly and efficiently. So it is, the installation of a plastic window with dismantling work can take from an hour to two, depending on the configuration of the window, the qualifications of specialists, the availability of an installation kit and other trifles. Probably, it is worth mentioning right away about the installation using illbrook technology – in this case, the installation time will increase by 10-15 minutes. If you expect that a standard 3-room apartment is 4 windows and 1 balcony door, then it is quite possible to complete the installation in 1 working day.

Illbrook technology in simple terms

How is conventional installation different from Illbrook installation? With little labor on the part of the installers and the expense of the managers of these installers on material.

The sequence of work during normal installation: dismantling the old window, preparing the new window for installation (drilling holes, installing fasteners for mosquito nets and other work), installing the window in the opening, aligning and fixing, and finally foaming, after which someone in good faith from the street he covers the seam of the window-to-wall junction with silicone, installs the ebb – and the installation is complete. What changes with illbrook editing? The dismantling of the old window remains, but the preparation of the new window for installation is a little delayed: from the outside, at the junction of the window with a quarter, the window is pasted over with a self-expanding tape, from the inside, foil butyl tape is glued, which will then cover the polyurethane foam. Further, everything is as usual: installation in the opening, leveling, foaming and finishing the seam with tape. Everything is pretty simple, installation time increases slightly – 10-15 minutes for each window. But how necessary is the use of illbrook technology, how much it justifies itself, I think it is worth discussing in the following issues.

Situation 2.
Residential apartment

And now – exactly the same 3-room apartment, but one floor higher. Its owner did not change the windows during the renovation and now, looking at his neighbor from below, also fired up the idea of ​​a new and better one. One nuance: the customer lives in this apartment, furnished according to the latest words of a super-fashionable designer. What will happen to the editing team in such a situation? Complicated approach to each window; floors to fly over; furniture, whose facade is several times higher than the installer’s salary. Again, there is a big problem with the disposal of construction waste, which is inevitable during installation work. It is very rare for a company to “liquidate” material evidence of a broken opening. Technically, installation will take exactly the same amount of time as in the first situation. But a residential apartment makes its own adjustments: first you need to cover it here, move it there, clean it up here and at the same time make sure not to accidentally scratch, hook, drop, etc. etc. – in general, replacement of all windows in such an apartment will take from 1.5 to 3 days. Illbrook editing has no effect on speed or time.

Situation 3.
Residential building construction

Today, every new house is necessarily equipped with sealed windows of the latest generation, be it wooden or plastic, but they are installed most often by “specialists” of the construction site. Here is where to turn around. You can hold a competition to raise windows to the n-th floor manually, run stairs with a tool, and the number of installed windows per hour. In my opinion, the way windows are installed at the construction site cannot be called normal work. People who install windows are familiar with the subject only by hearsay, the recruitment of these “specialists” is carried out, in my opinion, at train stations. Installation speed, of course, is amazing: 20-30 standard designs per shift, but the quality leaves much to be desired. It is a pity for the money of the tenants, who, entering such houses, throw out the windows damaged by the builders and, most importantly, by the installers. The windows can, of course, not be changed. But, firstly, the tenant keeps the constructions for himself, assembled in the same rush, in which they were installed. Secondly, the dubious appearance – restoration will not be much cheaper than replacement. Thirdly, the configuration of the window with a large number of blind parts is also not particularly pleasing. And finally, for service you will have to contact a company that you still need to find.

Situation 4.
Cottage construction

The picture is very similar to the first and third, it differs only in the number and quality of windows. No, there are probably many differences – here are some of the principal ones. First of all, the prestige of the object obliges to do the job well and quickly. All conditions for high-quality and quick installation have been created: free openings, complete absence of dismantling works, the work schedule is almost round-the-clock (if the house is not being built in an already finished and residential village). What else does it take to get it done quickly? In many ways – it’s all about the human factor. High speed without loss of quality depends on who works at the facility. The glazing of a small Russian bungalow, with a total area of ​​all window and door structures of about 50 m2, will take from 2-3 days to 1-1.5 weeks. Here, factors such as the remoteness of the facility, convenient access roads, and the availability of electricity are more important. Own vehicles also speed up work.

Situation 5.
Total – flew

Regardless of the object, its complexity and prestige, regardless of the shape, configuration and size of the window, big and small problems can occur – every company has gone through this, and the company is bad that does not know how to adequately get out of such situations. The window does not fit a little into the opening, or, on the contrary, falls slightly, just a little, just a little. All these “a little” and “a little” will require resourcefulness during installation and a savvy installer. The time spent on scratching the pumpkin and stimulating ingenuity, each model of the installer has its own, individual …

Well, we examined the most typical “installation” situations, estimated the timing of works in each of the cases. Now let’s make an allowance for the fact that the entire calculation was carried out for the warm season. With the onset of winter, the time indicator will change accordingly. In the first and second cases (when installing in a “repaired” and “residential” apartment), you can expect an acceleration of the process: in order to close the heating circuit, the installers will rush. In the third and fourth – the installation time will be stretched: warm clothes restrict movement, short daylight hours, work in the cold – do not increase the speed.

What else can affect the installation time?

First of all, the presence of a good tool in a complete set. It does not matter what brand the power tool is and what company is manual, the main thing is that everything is suitable for work. The rule to use: “Let it be and not be useful than it will not be when you need it”

But a good tool will lie dead weight if there are no consumables: anchor plates, window anchors, polyurethane foam, silicone and much more (installation using illbrook technology doubles the list of consumables). You need to take care of this in advance. But the most important participant in the process, on which both speed and quality depend, is the installer. Train competent specialists, select people as hard as possible – then, perhaps, the very culture of installation work will rise, and it will not be so important how much time the installer spent on replacing one window. If the installer you have trained works slowly, but efficiently and reliably, showing interest in what he is doing, helping out seemingly hopeless situations, he is much better than an installer who mounted a window in 15 minutes and then spent the whole day reworking his “creativity “. From my practice, I can recall many different cases of non-standard editing, no matter how long it took, everything always depended only on people. You can teach a monkey to use a puncher and put on a beautiful overalls, but it turns out that even a man cannot be taught to think. Quite a few unreasonable individuals install windows, doing work mechanically, losing sight of the subject of their labor. So the amount of time spent on installation is not so important, you need to worry about how well it will be done.

Text: Kirill Ivanov

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