When it is necessary to repair plastic windows

When installing a double-glazed window, few people think about its subsequent repair. No wonder. Everyone knows that the minimum period of use of plastic windows is twenty years, but it can go up to forty and sixty years. Plus, the manufacturer provides its product with warranty service within 1 year of use..

When it is necessary to repair plastic windows

Double-glazed windows are modern and reliable designs. However, nothing lasts forever. If in the process of using windows you encounter certain problems, the right solution would be to consult with qualified specialists..

Double-glazed windows are a durable, reliable plastic construction with a very long service life, which can reach more than forty years. The main factors that lead to breakage of window elements are violation of operating rules and improper installation. But even with proper operation and adherence to the technological rules of installation, after some time, double-glazed windows lose their original characteristics.

Due to the large number of already installed windows, their renovation has become a very popular service..

When it is necessary to repair plastic windows

Repair of double-glazed windows is necessary if:

  • rubber seals are worn out
  • fittings broke
  • drafts appeared, the tightness was broken
  • the windows fog up and freeze
  • windows creak, can hardly be closed and opened

Repair of PVC windows can be difficult and simple. Simple repairs are usually associated with poor quality rubber seals that are used during the assembly of the windows by the manufacturer. The appearance of a defect of this type causes drafts in the apartment and the appearance of dust stripes on the windowsills. For repairs, you simply need to replace the seals.

Do not try to eliminate the cause of the malfunction of your plastic window yourself or seal it with tape. Such actions can worsen your living conditions and deprive the window of its direct functions..

Manufacturers manufacture rubber seals with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 millimeters. As a result, during the opening and closing of the window sashes, the fittings are wiped, which is the reason for this defect. Usually replacing these parts will completely normalize the window seal..

When it is necessary to repair plastic windows

Repair of double-glazed windows is needed when you notice the first signs of mechanical defects on the elements – scuffs and scratches. Specialists very quickly restore the previous appearance of the surface using special adhesive mixtures and grinding. Very often there are problems with the functioning of the hardware, especially these cases are common when selecting windows with a large sash area. In this case, the fittings are forced to withstand heavy loads and, as a result, wear out quickly..

More serious defects appear when, for some reason, the technological process of the window assembly was not followed. This may be a rupture of the connecting seams. In this case, it is necessary to completely replace the entire sash. Such defects also include depressurization of plastic windows. This may be due to the use of low quality materials that are used in the manufacture of the block. This block must be completely replaced. Depressurization causes windows to fog up in winter.

The regulation of double-glazed windows is performed with special tools that allow you to eliminate leakage, blowing, minimize the occurrence of ice and condensation on your windows.

Usually, all defects of double-glazed windows do not manifest themselves immediately after the installation of the window, but later.

Of course, the question arises: in what cases and when is it necessary to adjust the glass units? Our recommendation: one year later if the operating conditions are not observed or immediately after installation.

It is better to entrust the adjustment of balcony doors and double-glazed windows to specialists, this will significantly reduce the risk of their breakage. At the same time, this service takes about fifteen minutes in time and is cheap.

When it is necessary to repair plastic windows

In an effort to insulate windows to the maximum, people choose sashes of increased mass, as a result, they can sag. In houses of individual construction, sometimes damage to the kinematics of the sashes and the geometry of the openings occurs, which is a consequence of the shrinkage of the foundation. The repair consists in the complete replacement of the plastic window, even if one sash is damaged. Professionals replace a double-glazed window in an hour, but you can change the mosquito net yourself. In any case, you should entrust the repair of double-glazed windows to professionals, because this guarantees the quality of the work performed. In addition, it is necessary to conduct a preventive inspection of structural parts.

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