Window frame selection: is the cost justified?

Are old windows no longer pleasing to the eye? Want to install new and modern windows? Do you constantly think how expensive it is and do you need it at all? Are the costs of installing windows justified? Let’s figure it out.


Glazing your own apartment or house is not a cheap pleasure. The cost of such work can go up to hundreds of thousands of rubles. The choice of double-glazed windows for windows is obvious: we choose depending on what bothers us. Either we install sound-insulating or energy-saving double-glazed windows for windows. But with the window frame, everything is much more complicated. Does the window frame matter so much?

Modern window structures, in particular window frames, are made of wood, plastic (PVC) or metal (in particular, aluminum). Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages..

Wood – a material that looks beautiful, is recyclable for any profile, and is also able to retain heat. But the cost of such a window profile is quite expensive (the price varies depending on the type of tree), moreover, it absorbs moisture and is subject to deformation, is short-lived.

Plastic (PVC) – the material is quite environmentally friendly, moreover, durable, does not undergo deformation, is lightweight and relatively inexpensive. But the color scheme of such material is not diverse enough..

Aluminum – material, environmentally friendly and lightweight, durable but expensive. As a rule, aluminum profiles look catchy (since they are not painted), and are used for window frames on balconies and terraces, verandas, as well as stained-glass windows and showcases.

Of course, the window frame serves as an important factor in maintaining heat in the room, as well as sound insulation. Plastic and wooden profiles retain heat well, but plastic and aluminum profiles are more convenient to use, as they are not subject to deformation. When insulating walls with heat-insulating materials, plastic profiles are ideal for keeping warm and soundproofing, taking into account, of course, double-glazed windows. In addition, plastic windows are more durable than wooden ones, have a more attractive appearance than windows made of aluminum profiles..

It all depends on the weather conditions in your area, the room that you want to glaze, and, of course, the money costs that you are willing to go for. There is no wasted money in the choice of windows, choose quality, not cost.

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