The simple secret of bill gates success and some important rules

Bill Gates is one of the most successful people in the world..

He has a fortune of over $ 92 billion..
He has been married for over 24 years..
He is the father of three children.
He is an investor.
He is a philanthropist.
He does charity work.
And he is one of the founders of
He is successful in all respects..

The secret of Bill Gates success

Bill Gates secret of success

“I spend a lot of time reading”

I guess the secret of Bill Gates success is extremely simple.

He reads.

He is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, philanthropist who plans his schedule up to a minute. Despite this, he finds time to read one book a week..

What is he reading?

“Now I visit many interesting places, meet with scientists and view lectures on the Internet,” says Gates. “But reading is still the main way to learn new things and test my worldview.”

With the exception of a few novels, his attention is focused on non-fiction literature that describes Bill’s technologies and trends. Most of them relate to international development, social change and systemic transformations..

4 Bill Gates Reading Rules

Bill Gates secret of success

To find out how a billionaire gets the most out of reading, we’ll look at the four rules that he follows during this process..

1. He takes marginal notes

“You know, when you read, you should be sure that you are really concentrated”

Notes and comments help Gates understand the author’s point of view, analyze it and make sure that he himself critically evaluates the topic..

2. He finishes what he has begun.

Bill Gates tries not to start reading a book that he does not want to read to the end. This avoids missing key points that the author focuses on..

3. He prefers prints to digital

“Over time, I will switch [from print to digital]. But I’m just used to sitting somewhere late in the evening reading a paper magazine or book. ”

Bill is a supporter of the old-fashioned “paper” reading because of his love of margin notes. He even takes a large pile of books with him on vacation and often sits up late, reading.

4. He gives it at least an hour a day.

“This is not such a thing that you can spend 5 or 10 minutes. YouTube videos or magazine articles fit into such small lengths of time. ”

Bill Gates suggests putting off at least one hour a day for serious reading. He feels that it takes at least 60 minutes to ponder and assimilate what he read, and not just eat the words.

“There is one point because of which I love reading – each book opens up new possibilities for study”

Successful people become successful by making small changes in their lives. For Bill Gates, it’s always to remain a student and an avid reader..

And how would your life change if you decided to read one book a week?

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