Set clear boundaries on private property: unusual fences for the modern home

Fencing for the modern home

Wooden fence construction by John Lum Architecture

Fencing for a modern home

Unusual wattle with modern architectural design from Crestvien Doors

2. Hedge

This, 100% natural fence is unlikely to cause anyone's displeasure. A yard surrounded by a living fence made of evergreen shrubs, will not only be securely hidden from prying eyes, but also seem to any passerby a real oasis of greenery.

Fencing for a modern home

Porch curtains by Dillard Jones

4. A few barrier lines

The following method of fencing can be more time consuming and take longer to implement the idea. Worth it, though. Three lines will create a feeling of complete privacy. This is a low stone fence; evergreen trees planted in a dense wall; and, finally, a fairly open fence, along which you can also plant decorative vegetation.

Fencing for a modern home

Stylish and modern fencing by Randy Thueme – Landscape Architecture

6. Bamboo

Fences made of bamboo stems can not be called innovative or very timely, but the idea will probably never lose its relevance. Intertwined bamboo creates a wonderful texture, the harmonious pattern of which attracts and fascinates, as if inviting you to rest and relax.

Fencing for the modern home

Beautiful bamboo garden wattle by Fabio Galeazzo / Galeazzo Design

These are just some of the unusual and effective ways you can take to create an original and unobtrusive fence around the property.

The main thing is not to forget to stick to the clear boundaries of your property and follow all the building regulations. Your neighbors aren't likely to be pleased if you inadvertently privatize even a few inches of their territory. Not even the most stylish fence design can save you in this case.

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