Your patio wasn’t bad as it was, but you’ve made it even prettier

An unusual home patio: wood decking

And this is how the yard was transformed after the appearance of wooden decking

Our heroes were very pleased with the quality of the wood – it looked much more expensive than its real value. Plus, free delivery. They chose pre-finished pine boards, which do not need to be painted or otherwise prepared for use.

Took a week to complete. The wood decking looked great, but the old furniture didn't fit anywhere. The yellow metal chairs from Ikea didn't match the new teak table at all. But it would still turn gray over time, so it was fine.

An unusual patio at home: a pair of chaise lounges

A pair of chaise lounges evokes the warmth of the seashore

The wooden platform is flush with the floor of the house, it's very advantageous. Both from a visual point of view and from a practical point of view.

"There used to be such an annoying step that we didn't want to go out into the yard at all," – told the landlady.

The area now looks like an extension of the living room. It's very pleasant to walk around, as if you were going for a walk in the woods.

Unusual patio of the house: a view of the courtyard

View of the yard from the living room

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