Garden Igloo creative pergola – a warm corner in your garden

Creative pavilion to shelter from bad weather

Multifunctional spacious dome large enough to allow you to stand at full height. It completely protects you from rain, wind or insects. The design of the gazebo is so simple that it can be assembled in just a couple of hours.

Covering the dome of a creative pergola can be 3 options

A garden igloo – an easy way to create an extra indoor space right in your yard. You can put your furniture inside without worrying about getting caught in the rain.

Universal design creative pergola

What do you think of this original pavilion? Agree, simple and practical.

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Antonio Jonson

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  1. Everly

    This creative garden pergola seems like a cozy addition to any outdoor space! I’m curious to know, does it provide insulation to keep the warmth in during colder months? And how durable is it in varying weather conditions?

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