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There are many ways to decorate the body. In the salon, you can apply scars, make a tattoo, piercing, install microdermal – a tiny titanium jewelry that is implanted in different parts of the body – neck, collarbone, lower back or face. This procedure is also called subcutaneous piercing, it has several advantages, but it also has disadvantages. Before deciding on an event, weigh the pros and cons.

What are microdermals

The decoration implanted in the stratum corneum is called microdermal. A standard product consists of three fragments – plates (anchors), legs and wrapping. A small plate 1.5–2 mm in size is the base of the decoration; it is implanted in the prickly and basal (lower) layers of the epidermis. There are wide openings in the anchor, so that when healing new tissues envelop it, helping to secure the structure.

The plate is connected to a leg (rod) with a thread. A wrap is put on the armature rod – a flat product of any shape. You can change the wrapping regularly, the diameter of the legs and the thread pitch are standardized. In this case, the plate with the leg will remain in place until the holder of the jewelry does not want to get rid of it. To avoid complications and speed up the healing process of the microdermal, the anchor with the rod is made of titanium, the probability of rejection of which by the body is minimal.

The product of the classical type is distinguished by a flat and oblong shape of the anchor. There are other types:

  • Transdermals – heavy load and large nozzle structures due to wide plate.
  • Skin divers – a key difference – in the form of an anchor. Instead of a plate in the skin divers, a nozzle is used, which wedges due to the conical shape. It is harder to pull out than to enter into the prepared hole.

Microdermal decoration

How to choose a place to install jewelry

Microdermal can be implanted on any part of the body – the neck, in the neck, clavicle, stomach, back. Many people like to decorate their faces, hands, others attach titanium structures where they can remain invisible – behind the ear, around the navel, on the lower back. It is advisable not to touch the area with the implant with clothing, do not expose to regular injury.

Neck piercing

The microdermal on the neck looks spectacular – this is one of the most popular installation sites. Often pebbles adorn the following areas:

  • The jugular fossa is a depression in the lower part of the neck formed by the legs of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. This jewelry resembles a pendant that turned out to be in an ordinary place without a chain..
  • The central line of the back of the neck – then several products are installed one above the other.
  • The lateral part of the neck, which begins on the upper part of the trapezius muscle and ends behind the ear.

Clavicle microdermals

The next popular body area where an earring with an anchor is placed is the clavicle region. Used subclavian or supraclavicular fossa. It is not necessary to fix the jewelry symmetrically – products that are implanted in punctured clavicles or supraclavicular area on one side look spectacular. Clavicle piercings should not be chosen for those who don’t wear cut out clothing – protruding parts of the product will be regularly touched with a cloth.

Microdermals on the face

Microdermal is installed on the face of the most daring and advanced. Round items in the form of a brilliant stone on the side above the lip, on the cheekbone, in front of the auricle, above the nose bridge between the eyebrows look stylish and effective. Sometimes a puncture is made on the face at once in several places where titanium “earrings” are attached – then they resemble a traditional piercing. Such a procedure has a drawback – it is likely that a scar will form after removing the jewelry.

Lower back piercing

Implantation of titanium jewelry in the lumbar region is done by both women and men. If the girl has dimples on her back at the place of fusion of the pelvis and spine – they can install products in the form of a disk or sphere. Since this feature is more common in women, men pierce the lower spines in the form of a path made of several shiny elements.

Lower back piercing

Neckline Piercing

Piercing the neckline is the prerogative of the weak half of humanity. The microdermal in the hollow between the breasts looks sexy and unobtrusive. Install one decoration, as well as several pieces arranged in a vertical strip. Harmonious look products, the size of which decreases from top to bottom. However, it is worth remembering that jewelry can be touched by a bra, so before installing it in the neckline, you should weigh everything.

How do microdermals

Installing a microdermal is not a complicated procedure, but it requires skill. Since the base of the structure is wider than the visible part, for implantation, the anchor is installed in the prepared “pocket”:

  • If a puncture on the collarbone, above the eyebrows, near the ears – the master anesthetizes the place of installation of the product. Anesthesia is done with an insulin syringe using lidocaine. You can do without an injection, and apply anesthetic ointment – Emla cream.
  • A shallow incision is made with a scalpel, or the skin is pierced with a special needle, then under the epidermis layer the master expands the “pocket”, where he immediately inserts the base of the jewelry.
  • An earring is screwed onto the threaded head, and the place of work is sealed with a band-aid. This will help the plate to gain a foothold in the tissues, to avoid injuring them in the first days after the procedure. After the new skin sprouts in the holes of the plate, the patch is removed.

Skin care after installing jewelry

To heal the skin area on which the intervention was healed, the following rules should be followed:

  • Do not wet the piercing for at least 48 hours after the procedure, then 3-4 days stick a patch over the puncture area before taking a shower.
  • In the initial healing period (1.5-2 weeks), the puncture site is treated – Octenisept, Chlorhexidine, Miramistin, Chlorophyllipt alcohol tincture or another antiseptic can be used. The disinfection procedure should be carried out in the morning, afternoon and evening, then – twice a day..
  • It is not recommended to change the nozzle (“cap” of the product) within six months after the puncture is performed so as not to disrupt the process of implantation of the jewelry. The first “earring” is desirable to choose a flat and rounded shape to minimize the risk of injury.


Piercing removal

It is possible to get rid of boring jewelry, but this should only be done in a specialized salon. The master will make an incision with a sharp scalpel at the right angle and remove the jewelry. This type of piercing does not affect the dermis, but only the upper layer of the skin (epidermis), there will be no scar after the procedure. However, when trying to independently remove the structure, injury to deep tissues is not excluded, which can lead to scarring.

Possible consequences

If the microdermal is installed correctly, and its owner follows the rules for caring for the piercing, there will be no problems. However, the following troubles are possible:

  • Injury to the puncture site. The decoration rises above the level of the skin – it can be injured if you inadvertently touch clothing. If the tissue holding the plate is damaged, scar formation is possible during the healing process. As a result, the plate can move or become at an angle.
  • Penetration of foreign substances – cosmetics, dirt, etc. If the piercing site is on the face, it is important to ensure that the cream or powder does not fall on the puncture site. Dispersed particles cause irritation and contribute to tissue inflammation.
  • Incorrect installation of jewelry. If the master does not have sufficient skill, it is likely that the anchor will be installed with errors. This is fraught with plate rejection, redness of the skin around the puncture site, subsequent inflammation, swelling of the tissues. If you do not remove the microdermal, suppuration occurs – it will take a long time to treat.
  • Allergy to the material from which the product is made. When choosing a jewelry, you should check that the seller has a certificate for the goods. Implant designs are made of an alloy of titanium with aluminum and vanadium that is biocompatible with the human body. In this case, the likelihood of allergies is low..


Puncture of the skin and the installation of jewelry, as well as other intervention, has contraindications. The procedure is not carried out:

  • with exacerbation of skin diseases – dermatitis, psoriasis;
  • blood diseases, bleeding disorders;
  • during the illness – acute respiratory infections, flu, infections;
  • allergy sufferers;
  • persons with hepatitis B, C, with diabetes;
  • do not pierce the skin where the nevus is located.

Microdermals on the arm

Microdermal installation price

The cost of the procedure may vary – it depends on the location of the puncture and the prices of the tattoo parlor. Microdermal can be installed at the prices indicated in the table:

Puncture site

Installation of 1 decoration, p.

Installation of 2 or more products, p.

Removing jewelry, p.

















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