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When a woman ceases to be young and pretty, she becomes wise and chic – this famous saying is ideal for modern 50-year-old ladies. To look attractive at this age, it is very important to choose the right clothes and shoes. Fashion for women over 50 has its own nuances, having studied which, you will look great at any age.

Clothing for women after 50 years

A fashionable image for a woman of 50 years should be restrained and concise. Soft lines, strict neckline, fashionable cut, current model, expensive fabric – all these are indispensable attributes of a chic style. Clothing for 50-year-old women should be selected strictly according to size. Too small things can visually spoil even the best figure, and voluminous hoodies can hide all the charms of a still young and attractive woman, and this also cannot be allowed. For overweight ladies, baggy things are also not suitable, you need to dress in clothes according to the figure, but not tight-fitting

To look stunning regardless of age, it is very important to correctly choose the color of clothes. Lettuce, sand, lilac, terracotta shades will help you reset several years. In a red or burgundy outfit you will look spectacular and bright. Dark blue, black, green will visually give the figure harmony, and peach will refresh the complexion and even hide the circles under the eyes. For a basic wardrobe, it is better to choose things that combine with each other. So you can daily create a new image.

The entire wardrobe should mainly consist of quality items. Products are better to choose from expensive natural fabrics. The ideal option would be linen, cotton, silk, wool dyed in classic noble tones. It is better to eliminate or minimize bright finishes such as rhinestones, sequins, stones. It is better to complement the look with stylish accessories or a string of pearls – this will add elegance, but do not refuse from modern expensive jewelry.

Not spending a lot of money on clothes and always being different is real. To do this, you need to pick up things that can be combined. What should include a basic wardrobe:

  1. Navy straight jeans without decor.
  2. 2-3 tight knit turtlenecks.
  3. A classic suit that includes a skirt, trousers and a jacket.
  4. Several blouses in delicate shades.
  5. White shirt.
  6. Cashmere coat with belt.
  7. Three skirts: pencil, flared model or A-line, maxi.
  8. Beautiful tight sweater.
  9. A few dresses. Necessarily evening and classic case.

Photos of stylish women for 50

Styles of dresses for women 50 years

The dress on every woman always looks feminine and elegant. Modern fashion includes many styles of dresses for women 50 years old, you just need to choose the right model. The dresses on the palm below the knee look advantageous. Be careful not to choose the length to the middle of the calf; it distorts the proportions of the figure. If you have beautiful legs, then when choosing a dress above the knee, you should wear transparent or dense black tights. Prints or drawings are permissible, but not too large. The neckline should not be very deep and defiant, because the skin on the neck and collarbones at this age is no longer perfect.

Pay attention to the sheath dresses. They are always in fashion. Dresses-boxes, dresses-cocoons, dresses-shirts, dresses-coats will suit a mature woman who will look great in these styles. It is better not to wear things with ruffles and bows, leaving them to young girls. An interesting drapery on the abdomen and hips will help to hide the imperfections of the figure. For overweight women, dresses with a vertical print or trim are suitable. They will balance the figure by visually increasing growth. In this outfit you will look young and fit.

Evening dresses

To look stylish and elegant in an evening outfit, you need to take into account several nuances. Better to avoid bright toilets with lots of sparkles or sequins. At an evening dress for a true lady, only matte fittings of good quality or discreet stones can be present. Fabrics are best chosen without shine. Avoid the jacquard that visually adds years. The ideal evening outfit for a woman of 50 years is a set of dresses with a jacket or bolero. Layering will help you feel freer, more confident, and suitable for both thin and full ladies.

Photo of women in evening dresses


A stylish woman in her 50s should have business-style clothes in her wardrobe, especially if she works in a managerial position. Such things should be made of durable opaque fabrics, which with their quality and presentable appearance can adequately emphasize high status. Business dresses for women 50 years old need to choose without cuts and decor. The best fit for attire in the office – straight or slightly fitted. A sleeveless sheath dress is perfect for work. You can wear a discreet color blouse under it to refresh the look..


The warm season is the perfect time to wear dresses. They are comfortable and not hot. When choosing a summer dress, remember, mature beauty should have a decent frame. In summer, you can wear your favorite colors and styles. Avoid black and too dark shades, it is better to choose an outfit of coral, turquoise, lilac, green, beige. Lightweight two-layer dresses made of chiffon or silk, dresses from linen in pastel colors or classic models from cotton are ideal. Summer dresses for women 50 years old should be made of natural fabrics.

Winter clothes for women after 50 years

Winter is a time of warm cozy fabrics. A beautiful coat in combination with a soft hat, gloves is the best suited for cool dry weather. Comfortable and practical winter clothing for women after 50 years old – a classic beige or brown coat. The length is best chosen from the middle of the thigh to the knee. Perfect natural fur coats, sheepskin coats. In wet weather, you can wear a downy coat in dark colors.

Photo of women in leather and fur

Sundresses for women for 50

A fashionable image for a woman of 50 years can be created using a sarafan. Sundresses for women 50 years old are comfortable. In summer it is better to avoid thin straps. Choose the style of a warm outfit to your taste. For winter, tweed or wool sundresses with a wide armhole are better suited. There are general recommendations for choosing this outfit of a 50-year-old lady. The following styles are relevant:

  • Trapezoidal with wide straps, which are often decorated with contrasting lines or buttons;
  • All models of adequate length with high waist and straight silhouette;
  • A slightly fitted cut with vertical zipper, which is designed to visually stretch the figure;
  • Sundresses of a classical cut from dense fabrics.


Stylish clothes for women after 50 necessarily include an element such as trousers. This thing is extremely convenient and versatile. The classic model is suitable for work, jeans – for leisure, walks, a sports option – for outings in nature or for fitness. In winter, you can wear woolen trousers in a discreet check, and in summer it will be comfortable in cotton, linen chinos or in silk harem pants.

Pants for women after 50 should be comfortable and not too narrow. High-waisted models are ideal for this age. For the full, it is better to choose pants made of fabric with the addition of lycra. Perfect mix: 97 cotton, 3 lycra. Properly selected size will allow you to tighten the figure, but will not highlight the flaws. Colors are better to choose neutral.

Photo: fashion for 50 year old women

Photo of women in dresses

In the photo on the Internet and glossy magazines you can see many variations of stylish images for mature ladies. Fashion for 50-year-old women 2016 offers many elegant solutions. The most successful are the combinations of classic beige trousers with blouses in milk, white, blue colors and pumps. Dark jeans look great with a tucked-in gray shirt, and a knitted cardigan and discreet accessories put on top add coziness and looseness to the look. These photos once again confirm that a real woman is beautiful regardless of age and physique.

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