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A few years ago, the mistress of the missing oven was replaced by a slow cooker. Today, air grill has gained popularity – a compact household appliance in which you can make meat in pots, bake a berry pie, ferment yogurt and even smoked smelt. The set of functions depends on the model, determines the price of the device.

What is aerogrill

The process of cooking products in the air grill

This household appliance is a type of convection oven, which consists of three main parts:

  • Glass bulb. This is a container for products..
  • Cap. It has a heater – a tubular electric heater. It is the same as in the ovens. Less often in aerogrills is a halogen heating element. In addition to it, a fan is installed on the lid, distributing air.
  • Lattice for products.

The principle of operation of the air grill is simple. Hot air goes down through the products laid out on the grill, is reflected from the bottom, rises up to the fan. The chamber is sealed, so it circulates, providing uniform cooking.

Home air grill control is no more complicated than an oven.

The user sets the desired temperature, time and starts the program.

Benefits of air grill:

  • No odors, heat, smoke when cooking.
  • No oil is required, so you can make diet meals.
  • The device is easy to disassemble and store..


  • High power consumption.
  • Low bowl capacity compared to oven chamber.
  • Strong bulb heating.

Top 5 Air Grill Models

The rating includes devices of the best manufacturers: Hotter, Kitfort, FIRST AUSTRIA, CENTEK both from the budget category and with a high price. Simple models are intended only for preparing small portions of food. More expensive are multifunctional devices where it’s convenient to even smoke meat, make fermented baked milk or sterilize canned food.

5. CENTEK CT-1456


Inexpensive domestic air grill for those who have not decided whether such a device is really needed for the home. At a low price, the model has a steel heater, and not a halogen heater and a 12 liter tempered glass bowl. The temperature of this hot air grill is easy to adjust, the maximum value is 250 °. There is a turbo heating function.

The instrument kit includes 2 grids – high and low, tongs and an expansion ring.

Mechanical control, there is a timer with a maximum period of 1.5 hours, all parts (cover, power cord) are removable.

A power of 1400 W is enough to prepare a chopped bird in 50–80 minutes. You can’t lay a whole carcass – warming up is slow, there is a risk that the meat will bake poorly. The temperature regime for the dish has to be determined independently: the instruction does not contain recipes.


2845 rub.


  • compact sizes;
  • hints for cooking time on the lid;
  • simple operation;
  • baking two dishes at the same time.


  • strong heating of the outer walls;
  • poor quality materials (sometimes defective).



The best air grill among the models with a halogen heating element has an average power of 1400 watts, it saves energy. The device looks like a big glass bowl with a control unit on top. The cover is removable, it contains mechanical rotary elements that regulate the temperature (from 80 to 250 °) and a timer. Under the 12 liter bowl there is a stand that protects the countertop from heating.

The maximum timer is 1 hour, there is no self-shutdown by signal. The instruction does not say anything about the choice of temperature for dishes, but there are several recommendations on the lid of the device.

The kit includes 2 grids, tongs and a ring to expand the bowl to 17 l.

Some users cook pastries in the air grill, but due to the low power this can only be done in foil or silicone forms. Ceramics do not fit – the dough is baked poorly.


3249 rub.


  • ease of washing;
  • small dimensions;
  • Ease of Management;
  • large bowl size – the carcass of a bird fits entirely.


  • poor quality of metal inside (rust is possible);
  • difficulty replacing a halogen element.

3. Hotter HX-1036 Economy

Hotter HX-1036 Economy

This compact air grill is available in 3 colors: white, black and orange. He has a plastic case, mechanical control, with the help of rotary levers that set the temperature and time. The maximum heating of the device is 250 °, and the timer is set for 5-60 minutes. A bowl of hot air grill holds 10 l, inside you can immediately install 2 grilles. It is convenient to observe the process through transparent walls..

The cover is removable, its rise stops the operation of the device so that a person does not get burned with steam.

The power of the device is 1400 W, this is enough for cooking meat and baking. In the box with the air grill are skewers for barbecue, roaster for poultry, baking sheet. Heating comes from the heater, which gives uniform heat. According to reviews, the model is reliable and serves for years. At a minimum temperature of 60 °, it is convenient to heat food, dry fruits and berries, preserving vitamins.


4900 rub.


  • ease of washing all parts;
  • compactness;
  • cooking faster than in the oven;
  • expanding the bowl with a ring up to 14 l;
  • heat maintenance;
  • self cleaning function.


  • noisy work.

2. Kitfort KT-2209

Kitfort KT-2209

Domestic air grill has a capacity of 2050 W, perfectly bakes whole large pieces of meat. The case is glossy black, on top of the panel are drawn tips for choosing the temperature and cooking time for different products: fish, vegetables, desserts. Unfortunately, they are gradually erased.

There is an electronic LCD display with which it is convenient to monitor the process, touch buttons.

Maximum heating of the air grill is possible up to 200 °. Cooking is very fast: chicken breasts and drumsticks – in 20–35 minutes, for vegetables time is reduced by half. The timer can be set for up to an hour. According to reviews, it is difficult to wash the lattice, therefore it is better to cook on foil or parchment so that fat from meat and fish does not leave traces on it. A bowl of 3.2 liters, often this aerogrill replaces the hostess of the oven. Important: before starting work, it must be warmed up.


8490 rub.


  • saving the set parameters in the device memory;
  • the ability to wash pallets and grates in the car;
  • cooking without oil;
  • silent work;
  • the food stays juicy.


  • short cord (1 m);
  • soiled surface.

1. Hotter HX-2098 Fitness Grill

Hotter HX-2098 Fitness Grill

According to reviews, this is the best air grill presented by stores, capable of replacing an oven and a double boiler. It does not surprise with power – only 1400 watts, it will be difficult to cook a goose on a festive table.

This household appliance is aimed at proponents of a healthy diet. It produces delicious steamed cutlets, cereals, omelets, yogurts. Adjusting the heating temperature is smooth, its values ​​ranging from 40 to 260 °.

This air grill model contains a multi-cook function. He divides the preparation into stages (up to three). For each, you can choose the convection speed, temperature, the need to spray water – steam generation. This function is used not only for cooking dishes without a crust, but also to fry meat without losing its juiciness. Positive in the reviews they appreciate the design: the cover on the bracket, a large display with backlight. Digital control with touch buttons.


11800 rub.


  • baby food heating mode (temperature 40 °);
  • self-cleaning option;
  • power cord length (1.8 m);
  • delayed start for 10 hours;
  • automatic programs (10 pcs.).


  • the difficulty of using skewers;
  • heavy glass bowl.

How to choose the right grill

Benefits of Air Grill

In order for the household device to serve for a long time and satisfy your requirements, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • Power. It determines the speed of cooking. The universal option is 1350-1500 watts. This is enough for baking, first courses. To bake vegetables, less powerful models are also suitable..
  • A heating element. TEN works up to 10 years, but it cooks food slowly. The halogen tube fails in 1–2 years. It is sensitive to drops of fat, but heats up quickly..
  • Temperature. For basic tasks, 80-200 ° is enough, but if you need to roast a bird on a spit, all 250 ° will be required.
  • Bowl volume. For most models, it is 12-17 liters. This is enough for a family of 3-5 people, baking the whole bird.

Optional air grill functions:

  • Cooking programs. They facilitate the work with dishes: you can select the mode with the button and go about your business.
  • Self cleaning. Pour water with a detergent into the flask, the composition heats up and destroys the dirt on the surface in the form of steam. After you just go through the details with a damp sponge.
  • Preheating. The function is important for baking, you need to put the dough for it in a hot chamber.
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