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To completely abandon bad habits, people are ready for any experiments. One of them is the purchase of an electronic cigarette, as a worthy alternative to smoking. The main structural component of this progressive device is a vaporizer for smoking, which causes a lot of controversy in the modern world.

What is an electronic vaporizer

If you want to quit smoking quickly, this is an effective and yet completely safe means. Smoking cigarettes prevail in the free market, are an integral part of electronic cigarettes. It is correct to call them an electronic inhaler, since the principle of action is based on the conversion of liquid into vapor, which is safe for health. There are many models, so the buyer will just make a choice.

What is the difference between vaporizers for electronic cigarettes

Electronic type evaporators have several design differences. When choosing the first thing, it is important to study the characteristics of each such cigarette, to determine for personal use the most optimal model with a convenient location of the electric evaporator. So, modern vaporizers for electronic cigarettes differ in the method of use, can be:

  1. Replaceable (serviced). If necessary, such evaporators can be disassembled, the design can be studied visually, and experimented with a spiral and winding..
  2. Non-replaceable (Unattended). One-piece constructions, in which there is no way to replace the evaporator, carry out repair of the structure. These models in the modern world are less in demand.



To understand how this progressive device works in practice, it is important to understand in detail the design features of the electronic cigarette itself. This smoking device consists of three main parts: an atomizer, a battery, a cartridge with liquid. Each element of the electronic cigarette vaporizer device has its own purpose, the principle of operation is indispensable. So:

  1. An atomizer is the basic device needed to convert liquid into vapor, like the vapor of a nicotine cigarette. The kit comes with several removable cartridges and charging, without which the electronic type evaporator does not work.
  2. A battery is a removable element of an electronic cigarette that makes it a reusable device. Such a battery can be recharged not only from the network, but also from the computer using the USB output. Charging time is described in the instructions..
  3. A cartridge is a removable cartridge that you can independently fill with a smoking mixture to your taste. It is important that the smoking process does not cause disgust, does not run into thoughts of returning to one destructive habit.

Types of Electronic Evaporators

Such a device has one operating principle, and its main elements are a spiral and special racks for fixing it. However, this does not prevent a detailed study of the classification of electronic evaporators. This greatly facilitates the choice, the process of getting rid of bad habits. So, there are the following types of electronic evaporators that distinguish:

  1. Storage solution. In this case, we are talking about the place and condition of the liquid, which is subsequently converted into steam.
  2. By the method of blowing. It is important to know how air enters the cigarette and enters directly into the spiral..
  3. By the method of transferring the solution to the spiral. Structurally, one or more wicks can be arranged.

Vaper smokes

Types of vaporizers for electronic cigarettes

Before ordering an interested item in the catalog, it is additionally required to find out how long a cigarette is, its diameter and other design dimensions for greater usability. According to this evaluation criterion, the following types of vaporizers for electronic cigarettes from the manufacturer are distinguished, prevailing in free sale at different prices:

  1. BCC is a practical single-spiral model that preserves the pristine taste of the selected fluid.
  2. BDC – a model that has two spirals, structurally located parallel to each other. Therefore, the evaporation of fluid occurs in double rhythm.
  3. BVC is a modern model that offers a single spiral, but located vertically. This increases the evaporation area, makes it uniform.

Electronic Smoking Vaporizer

A puff of steam imitates the smoking process, but it does not harm health at all. The number of cigarettes “smoked” in this way is not limited, but the person finally gets rid of the destructive habit. To buy such a progressive device is realistic in specialized stores – the prices are different. However, it is more convenient and cheaper to study the catalog, and then place an order and buy in the online store. Electronic vaporizers on such virtual resources prevail in a huge assortment, but are much cheaper at times overpriced retail prices.

Evod 20

These are modern models that offer customers not only to get rid of a destructive habit, but also to get a lot of additional functions with a uniform distribution of steam. The Evod electronic vaporizer is declared in a large assortment, however, two current models are worth highlighting. First one:

  • model name – Evod Mega 1900 mAh;
  • price – from 1,000 rubles;
  • characteristics – volume clearomizer – 2.5 ml, protective case for the battery, battery capacity – 1900 mAh, long battery life, voltage stabilizer – up to 3.5 V, up to 1200 puffs until the next battery charge;
  • pluses – the model is suitable for heavy smokers, has a lock button from accidental pressing, eliminates overheating and short circuits of goods, the spiral evenly distributes steam.
  • cons – if used improperly, it can become unusable ahead of time, the guarantee for such cases does not apply, the evaporator is capable of causing a cough on the first.

The competing model of the specified company and its technical characteristics are presented below:

  • model name – Evod Twist II 1600 mAh;
  • price – from 1,000 rubles;
  • characteristics – a 1600 mAh battery, a shockproof case with a diameter of 16.5 mm in black, the possibility of a lack of refueling for several days, control from erroneous inclusion of buttons;
  • pluses – the power button is conveniently built into the case, a five-fold lock, convenience in everyday use, affordable care;
  • cons – high cost, possible problems with blocking.



Another practical modification of the electronic type evaporator, which is well-known to everyone. An excellent solution for electronic cigarettes from iSmoka. This is a harmonious combination of high technical specifications and affordable prices, a huge selection of goods. If the choice fell on the Eleaf electronic vaporizer, below are the two most demanded positions – the so-called sales leaders. It:

  • model name – Eleaf ECML 0.75 Oh
  • price – 300 rubles
  • characteristics – works in the mode from 8 to 25 V, creates the effect of a tighter puff, resistance – 0.75 Ohm.
  • pluses – suppresses the desire to smoke, suitable for most models with clearomizers;
  • cons – does not always suit the customer in taste.


Such a device is a compromise in the combination of price – quality, helps to quit smoking quickly, and to get rid of such a destructive habit forever. The Ego electronic vaporizer is interchangeable to ensure even distribution of steam. It provides for several varieties, while it is characterized by affordable prices. Here are the items to look for:

  • model name – Ego-C;
  • price – 300-500 rubles;
  • characteristics – one heating element, standard resistance 2.6 Ohms, the evaporator does not contain a single gram of metapen, a metal case;
  • main advantages – lack of evaporation of moisture, unhindered access to the spiral, even distribution of steam;
  • cons – contamination of the spiral, the risk of failure of the specified device.

The second representative of the specified manufacturer also has decent technical characteristics, set forth below:

  • model name – Ego ONE Mega;
  • price – 500 rubles;
  • characteristics – replaceable elements are designed for resistance of 0.4 and 0.2 Ohms, uniform vapor distribution, standard battery length, work with a cartomizer for different capacities of an electronic cigarette battery;
  • pluses – no harmful vapors, a large assortment of fillers, a clear liquid, the evaporator is easy to clean and use, quick change if necessary;
  • cons – not suitable for all Ego models, does not work with maintenance-free electronic cigarettes.

Ego electronic cigarette


The manufacturer of the same name has developed special consumables for its proprietary clearomizers. The Kangertech electronic vaporizer operates in several temperature modes, conveys a full bouquet of flavors, and benefits as a complete rejection of smoking. However, some categorically-minded people are sure that the harm from electronic vaporizers is obvious. To convince them of this, it’s time to study several positions of the specified brand (country – USA). So:

  • model name – Kanger OCC Ni200;
  • price – 300 rubles;
  • characteristics – replaceable electronic evaporator, tank volume – standard, resistance – 0.15 Ohm, power up to 45 W, presence of tankerizer, organic wool filler with nickel winding;
  • pluses – it is inexpensive, even distribution of steam, moderate moisture consumption, not a one-time device, the ability to rewind;
  • cons – not suitable for all models of electronic cigarettes of the same brand.

The second representative of the same manufacturer has the following characteristics:

  • model name – Drip box;
  • price – 350 rubles;
  • characteristics – replaceable electronic evaporator, standard resistance – 0.2 OM, two parallel spirals;
  • advantages – long service life, you can choose an evaporator for any model of electronic cigarette, even distribution of vapor, no need for the manufacture of windings;
  • cons – no.Kangertech

How to choose an electronic vaporizer

Many potential buyers are advised on whether electronic vaporizers are harmful, but come to the conclusion that smoking is much more harmful to one’s own health. Therefore, the range of products is constantly growing, models are pleasantly pleased with additional functions. If you are interested in which evaporator to choose for personal use, the main evaluation criteria are detailed below:

  1. Structure. When buying an evaporator, it is required to study its constituent components. The presence of glycerol and propylene glycol is encouraged, since these substances are actively used in medicine.
  2. Specifications. It is important to choose a container so that you can “smoke” 10-16 cigarettes. This is the best option, and for many people seeking to quit smoking, the allowable daily dose.
  3. Manufacturer. Since the production of such progressive cigarettes is an established business, it is necessary to be especially selective in choosing a supplier. Do not save on health and trust dubious brands, give preference to product quality.
  4. Price. The range of models is extensive, therefore, by the specified criterion, determining the final choice is simple. It is important to consider the types of vaporizers for electronic cigarettes..

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