Grass for cats from vitamin deficiency. How to plant your favorite grass for cats at home

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If your cat begins to eat flowers in a pot, do not be surprised? this is a completely natural physiological need of any animal. Therefore, each owner needs to know that there is a special grass for cats that you can buy at a pet store or grow it yourself.

Why do cats eat grass?

Scientists identify several main reasons why cats need to eat grass:

  • Vitamins and minerals. Cats are able to bite the tops of blades of grass, they do this to replenish the body with useful folic acid, choline, biotin, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, etc..
  • Cleansing the stomach of hair. Grass for cats can provoke vomiting, so objects, bones or hairs eaten by mistake come out.
  • Alternative to indoor plants.

Cat eats grass

How to grow cat grass at home

A good cat owner who is not indifferent to the animal, if he notices that the pet has started to eat home plants, will definitely take care of fresh special grass. There are no difficulties with growing plants, you just need to buy seeds and, if necessary, soil. You can immediately purchase a ready-made set, for example, with the name “Alpine Meadows”. Sprouted grass for cats is especially needed in winter.

Often, for their affectionate pets, owners choose sprouted oats as food. It can quickly give green juicy grass, but it needs a greenhouse effect to grow. You can sprout oats at home. It is better to sow the seed in several boxes at once: while the cat eats the first sowing, shoots will grow in the second cup, and in the third under the cover shoots will hatch.

How to choose seeds

Grass seeds for cats are offered by many stores. Can I buy seed on Internet resources? it’s even more convenient, because the photo clearly shows what the grass is. It is better not to purchase seeds in markets, especially at low prices, because there is a possibility of buying low-quality products or grains processed with hazardous chemicals.

What kind of grass do cats like?

It is considered that the favorite plants of cats are valerian and mint. The effect of valerian on cats, as a rule, is exciting, although in some animals, valerian, on the contrary, can cause a good sleep. Peppermint has a calming effect on pets. In such herbs, animals like only the smell, they eat completely different plants. Typically, cats eat cereals: wheat, green oats, barley, rye. These seeds can be bought at pet stores and grown independently in the country. You can also purchase ready-made grass from Grass, Titbit and include it in the cat’s diet.

Cat grass

What kind of grass do cats dislike?

If valerian for cats is a favorite plant, then wormwood and onions scare away animals. In addition, cats do not like citrus aromas, especially do not favor lemon. Therefore, if you need to discourage the pet from anything, you can put lemon peel nearby. Even cats do not like root; aromatic oil and branches of this plant do not like all representatives of cats.

How to plant grass

There are many options for germinating plants for cats. If you plan to grow seeds in ordinary soil, then you must pre-fill the ground with a special container, leaving a place on top. Then evenly pour out the seed, put on it a thick layer of earth. Before planting, it will properly wash the seeds and soak them in water for an hour.

When choosing vermiculite as a nutrient medium, it should be filled with water for about 40 minutes together with the seeds. After merging the liquid, pour the seeds with the base into the prepared germination bowl. You can plant grass for the cat on gauze. To do this, you need to soak the seeds with cold water (1 hour), after which drain the liquid, put gauze on the bottom of the plate, pour grains on top and cover with the rest of the fabric.

Germination of plants for animals at home

Without land

A method of growing grass on an artificial environment without soil is called hydroponics. Is this planting option very convenient for home use? the method will protect you from soil scattered around the apartment. To implement it, you will need:

  • plastic plates – 2 pcs.;
  • any seeds;
  • gauze;
  • cotton wool;
  • package;
  • water.


  1. Small holes are made in one of the plates so that excess moisture can drain.
  2. A holey plate is placed inside the whole, a layer of cotton wool is laid on the bottom.
  3. Pour all over with water, fill in the grain and cover with gauze.
  4. Pour again and wrap the plates in a plastic bag.
  5. After the grain sprouts, you need to remove the bag.

The method of growing plants without soil

In the soil layer

To germinate grass at home, you need to prepare:

  • seeds;
  • soil (vermiculite is better – a mineral that is a yellow plate);
  • the container where the grass will grow (pot, deep plate);
  • film.


  1. Seeds of grass before planting should be washed and soaked in water for an hour.
  2. Pour the soil into a container, leave a place for seeds on top and evenly distribute them on an earthen basis.
  3. Pour another layer of earth and pour water.
  4. Tightly wrap a plastic wrap or plastic bag over the container to create a greenhouse effect..
  5. The mini-garden is placed on a battery or cabinet. For 3 days, forget about the existence of plants. Seeds should germinate on day 3, remove the package after 4 days.
  6. On day 6, you can safely suggest chewing delicious weed to your pet.
  7. Do not store the grown grass for a long time..

Video about growing grass for cats at home

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