How to treat currants from aphids: chemical and folk remedies

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Colonies of small insects cause irreparable harm to currant and other fruit bushes: the tops of leaves twist, inflorescences fall off, young shoots dry and fall off, branches fall to the ground. All this entails a decrease in yield and the development of various diseases, so it is important to respond to aphids in a timely manner.

How to deal with aphids on currants

The pest activity peaks in May-June, while aphids remain active throughout the summer period. It actively reproduces and gradually populates the entire garden. The life cycle of an insect is as follows:

  • in early spring, new individuals emerge from the laid eggs;
  • they begin to multiply rapidly, spreading more and more in the garden;
  • the wingless form of pests occupies young, tender leaves, buds and shoots, pierces them with a proboscis and sucks out the juice;
  • when an excessive number of aphids occurs on a plant, it dries and dies, which necessitates the birth of a winged form of pests;
  • individuals fly to neighboring fruit bushes and continue to destroy the garden;
  • in the autumn, aphids lay eggs that hatch for the next season.

The appearance of a pest in the garden is indicated by swollen, twisted into tubes, reddened currant leaves. If you turn the young leaves of culture, on the inner side will be visible accumulations of larvae. As a rule, two varieties of aphids settle in the garden, each of which prefers a certain variety of berries: gall (leaf) – white and red, gooseberry (shoot) – black. The table below shows the recommended measures for pest control at different periods.

Aphid species

Types of processing currants




  1. Processing infusion of tomato tops. Dry grass (2 kg), fresh herbs (4 kg) are poured 10 l of water and boiled for 30 minutes, after cooling, the concentrate is diluted with water 1: 5 and 100 g of grated laundry soap is added.
  2. Spraying with infusion of ash and wormwood. In 5 liters of water for 4-5 hours, insist 500 g of chopped wormwood, 50 g of laundry soap and 1 tbsp. ashes. The currant is treated with a solution of 1 part liquid and 2 parts water.
  1. Processing soda solution. In a liter of water dissolve 10 tbsp. l baking soda. Here you also need to add 100 g of soap chips and 9 liters of cold water.
  2. Trimming affected shoots and leaves.


  1. Soap solution. In a bucket (10 l) of water, 300 g of laundry soap are diluted and sprayed with bushes..
  2. Sprinkle with garlic solution. 200 g of the crushed product is poured with a liter of water and insisted for 5 days. After 25 ml of concentrate is added to a bucket of water – with this composition it is recommended to process all fruit bushes in the garden.
  1. Spraying with onion husk infusion. 200 g of the component is kept in a bucket of water for 3-4 days.
  2. Treatment with mustard. 10 g of white mustard powder insist 2 days in a liter of water. Strained and diluted with 9 liters of water, the composition needs to be treated once currants.

Soap treatment with currants

Aphid currant treatment

With a slight damage to the bushes, the fight against aphids on currants does not provide for the use of special pesticides, which to one degree or another poison the soil and plants. If alternative methods remain ineffective against the pest, pesticides cannot be dispensed with. Nevertheless, they are allowed to be used only until flowering or immediately after it, since toxic substances remain on the bushes for about 20 days.


Name of facility


What aphids

Application rules


The active ingredient is imidacloprid (concentration 200 g / l).

All kinds.

1 ampoule is added to a liter of water, mixing thoroughly. After the solution is diluted with 9 liters of water. If Biotlin is treated with currants, the aphids will die after 4 hours. It is recommended to rinse the infected shoots in the solution using rubber gloves. The bushes should be treated on a warm, calm day.


The basis is thiamethoxam (240 g / l).

All kinds.

You need to process the currant 1 time in early spring, while the result is noticeable the next day. Actar’s action continues after another 2 weeks. It is used to spray fruit crops in dry, warm weather in the early morning or evening. At the same time, in order to safely process the plant, put on overalls, rubber gloves and a respirator. The package of the drug is dissolved in a liter of water, after which another 4 l is added..


The active substance is aversectin C (concentration is 0.2%).

More effective against shoot aphids.

It is applied at any time during the growing season, the result is shown after 3 days. To process the currant, prepare a solution of 8 ml of the drug and 1 liter of water. 2 weeks after the procedure, re-treatment is required. Spraying is carried out in calm, dry, warm (from 18 degrees) weather. It is forbidden to process fruit crops during flowering.


Active ingredient – pyrimifos-methyl.

All kinds.

To prepare the solution, the ampoule is dissolved in 2 l of cold water, mixing thoroughly. With a serious damage to the plant, the concentration of the drug can be doubled (for this, the volume of water is reduced to 1 liter). Fresh solution is applied by spraying. Handling currants is allowed only with gloves, a respirator and goggles. The death of insects occurs a couple of hours after the procedure and lasts another 3-4 days.

Inta Vir

The active ingredient is cypermethrin (concentration 3.75%).

All kinds.

Used after flowering, applied as an aqueous solution (1.5 crushed tablets per 10 l). It is better to process currants in calm, dry weather in the evening or in the morning using a household spray gun. Repeated procedure is carried out after 2 weeks..


The active substance is malathion (570 g / l).

All kinds.

The solution is prepared at the rate of 1 ml of the drug per 1 liter of water. Further, it is evenly sprayed onto the foci of infection until the foliage is completely wet, but care must be taken to prevent the chemical from dripping onto the ground. It is recommended to use Fufanon 2-3 weeks before the flowering of the bush and after the leaves fall in the spring.

Means Fufanon

Folk remedies

Folk remedies for aphids on currants


Application rules


50 ml of ammonia alcohol are taken per 10 l of water. Before use, 100 g of laundry soap and a pinch of washing powder are added to the solution.

The currant obtained must be processed using a watering can equipped with a wide tip. The tool is allowed to be used only once, repeated watering is carried out no earlier than 3 weeks later, otherwise the bush will suffer from an excess of nitrogen.


10 tbsp. l baking soda (or 2 tbsp. l. calcined) is dissolved in a liter of water. 9 l of water and 100 g of grated laundry soap are added to this..

It is necessary to process the plant 2 times with an interval of 3 days. To do this, use a garden spray.


200 ml of table vinegar are taken per liter of cool water, 100 g of soap are added. The concentrate is diluted with 9 l of water..

Bushes are carefully sprayed with a freshly prepared solution, paying particular attention to the lower part of the leaves. It is imperative to keep the proportions exactly, otherwise the leaves will get burned..


It is necessary to grind dry tobacco to a state of dust, irrigate the shrub with a soap solution (100 g of soap in 3-4 liters of water), and then sprinkle with tobacco powder. An alternative is to prepare a solution of 10 l of water and 200 g of tobacco, which should boil for 3 hours and infuse for 3 days.

To process currants with such a tool is allowed before and after flowering, during the ripening of berries. You can use a watering can or spray gun.


200 g of powder is taken in a 10-liter bucket of water. The solution is insisted for a day, after boiling and add 50-100 g of laundry soap.

With this tool, you can treat currants in any period of vegetation. At the same time, it is worth choosing dry, calm weather.

Boiling water

It is necessary to boil water in an iron bucket, then pour into a metal watering can. One bush will need 5-10 liters.

Processing currants with boiling water is carried out through a special shower head, so that irrigation occurs in thin streams, and not in a strong stream of boiling water. The procedure is performed before the kidney swells..


Finely chopped fresh grass and fill the bucket 1/5. The component is poured with boiling water, insist for half an hour.

The cooled liquid is sprayed with currants from aphids. It is possible to process the plant with this tool throughout the spring-summer period.

Mustard against aphids on currant

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