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Modern speaker systems amaze users with the breadth and breadth of capabilities, because the portable wireless speaker JBL is capable of playing music tracks day and night, anywhere, anytime. However, this is not all that a musical device can surprise consumers. Speakers delight the eye with an original LED backlight, which emphasizes the individuality of the device.

What is a JBL column

To provide loud and high-quality music at sea or in nature, a device is much more powerful than a tablet or smartphone. JBL speakers are compact and convenient to take anywhere. An additional advantage of portable speakers is the ability to pair with other gadgets, which allows you to listen to your favorite music directly from your phone.

Portable speakers from the brand JBL

Jbl charge

This model was developed specifically for outdoor activities at sea or near other water sources. Thanks to the protective coating, the column is not exposed to the negative effects of liquids and works great even in humid climates. The device has a rectangular shape and was released in three colors, standard equipment: power supply, USB cable, case.

Jbl pulse

The portable speaker from the Pulse series made a splash in musical portable technology. The device produces a loud and high-quality sound track, which is accompanied by bright illumination. Such an interesting and stylish design decision made the device the most coveted gadget for youth parties. Battery Life – 10 hours.

Jbl clip

Instead of the popular Micro model, manufacturers released a more advanced version of Clip. The device continues the traditions of its predecessor, however, it has several significant differences. The column is equipped with a special groove on the spring, due to which the device can be hooked to a backpack or bag. Clip comes in five colors.

Jbl go

The acoustic device is made in the simplest style possible, due to its compact form, the column can be worn even in your trouser pocket. The small-sized device is convenient and easy to operate, however, the most significant advantage for the consumer is the relatively low price. The quality of the device is fully consistent with the cost.

JBL speakers

You can purchase a wireless speaker both in specialized stores and on the Internet. In the second case, the device will be delivered by mail, which sometimes badly affects the condition of the goods. How much the JBL column costs depends on the model chosen, the minimum price is represented by the Micro series and is less than 1000 rubles. The most expensive today is the Pulse version, which will cost about 13,000 rubles.

For phone

Any device of this brand has the ability to connect to Apple or Android mobile devices, which facilitates the operation of devices:

  • model name: JBL Extreme;
  • price: 12480 rubles;
  • characteristics: power 2×20 W, waterproof housing, powered by battery and USB;
  • Pros: powerful and clear sound;
  • cons: the model is inconvenient to carry.

Wireless speaker JBL xtreme

In addition to the built-in recharging function, the portable gadget has a whole range of characteristics that meet the high standards of acoustic technology:

  • model name: JBL GO;
  • price: 2151 rubles;
  • characteristics: signal-to-noise ratio 80 dB, input 3.5 mm, frequency range from 180 Hz to 20 kHz;
  • Pros: practical and stylish portable speaker;
  • cons: no stereo sound.

Portable speakers are a real find for any company that loves to have fun in their free time. However, you should buy a device after studying all the advantages and disadvantages:

  • model name: JBL Trip;
  • price: 4949 p.;
  • characteristics: power 3.20 W, powered by battery and USB, there is bluetooth;
  • pluses: good study of the middle frequency range;
  • Cons: passive diffusers without protection.


If outdoor recreation is an integral part of your life, then the JBL waterproof wireless speakers have all the necessary features to ensure a comfortable weekend:

  • model name: Charge 2;
  • price: 7000 rubles;
  • specifications: power 2x 7.50 W, battery and USB, line-in;
  • Pros: cleaner sound compared to the previous version, built-in microphone;
  • cons: technical specifications inferior to the first model.

The built-in spray protection system effectively protects the column from the penetration of any liquids, which allows the use of columns near water sources:

  • model name: JBL Charge 2+ Black;
  • price: 5890 r.;
  • Characteristics: power 15 W, battery and USB, operating time 5 hours;
  • Pros: full compatibility with Android and Apple devices, splash proof;
  • cons: the battery runs out faster than the instructions.

Waterproof speaker JBL charge 2+

High power and purity of sound provide an unforgettable pastime, but in fact the operating time of the acoustics is less than what was stated by the manufacturer:

  • model name: JBL Charge 3;
  • price: 8291 rubles;
  • Characteristics: power 10 W, frequency range from 65 Hz to 20 kHz, signal to noise ratio 80 dB;
  • pluses: high class of protection against moisture;
  • cons: battery life is less than that of Charge 2.

With light music

Bright moments of life require an appropriate setting, so a column with color music will perfectly complement a holiday or party. Each device is equipped with LEDs, as can be seen from the characteristics:

  • model name: JBL Pulse 2;
  • price: 12990 r .;
  • characteristics: power 2×8 W, powered by battery and USB;
  • pluses: bright LEDs that shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow;
  • cons: mono sound.

The color scheme of the case of the portable gadget is made in conservative colors, which can not be said about the backlight. Thanks to the bright LEDs, the column pleases the eye with an abundance of colors and shades:

  • model name: Pulse 2 Black;
  • price: 10500 rubles;
  • Features: Power 16 W, powered by battery and USB;
  • pluses: 10 hours of continuous playback of color music;
  • cons: backlight does not visualize sound.

Speakers with color music JBL pulse 2

This device works several times longer than its predecessors, which positively affects the dynamics of sales. The column quickly gained popularity among young people:

  • model name: JBL Pulse;
  • price: 8600 rubles;
  • characteristics: power 2×8 W, powered by battery and USB;
  • pluses: convenient and easy synchronization with the phone;
  • cons: the micro-USB connector quickly becomes unusable.

Small speakers

JBL mini-acoustics is an alternative to previous versions of the system, released in a more compact resolution. The column fits easily in your pocket:

  • model name: JBL Micro II;
  • price: 1860 p.;
  • Features: 2.70 W power, battery and USB;
  • pluses: high-quality sound;
  • cons: high cost.

The device has less power, some functions have been simplified or completely removed. However, such a simplified version will fit into the budget of any person at the expense of affordable cost:

  • model name: Radial Micro;
  • price: 2900 rubles;
  • Features: 2×10 W power, mains power, iPod / iPhone support;
  • pluses: stylish design, control panel;
  • cons: phonite.

Superportable speakers are presented in four colors, the design is made in a modern style. Quality Bluetooth product with integrated audio cable:

  • model name: JBL On Tour Micro;
  • price: 848 rubles;
  • characteristics: power 2.20 W, powered by battery and USB;
  • pluses: a convenient fixture of small size and weight;
  • cons: quiet playback.

JBL on tour micro compact speaker

With radio

The multifunctional device of the new generation combines several functions at once. This is not just a column, but also an alarm clock, a radio and a lamp:

  • model name: JBL Horizon;
  • price: 4570 rubles;
  • characteristics: power 2×5 W, mains power, Bluetooth, mini jack cable;
  • pluses: radio and alarm clock;
  • cons: the light sensor is very muffled in night mode.

Using the device, you can listen to music before bedtime or during morning awakening, setting the alarm clock in accordance with the current wishes of the consumer:

  • model name: JBL Horizon White;
  • price: 4990 rubles;
  • characteristics: power 10 W, sensitivity 85.2 dB, frequency range from 70 Hz to 20 kHz;
  • pluses: a radio alarm clock and additional charging for USB devices;
  • cons: black power source, which violates the aesthetics of the device.

The gadget works in several modes, so if there is a desire to listen to the radio, this is easily done using the switch. Using the system, you can simultaneously charge several mobile devices:

  • model name: JBL Horizon Black;
  • price: 4990 rubles;
  • characteristics: power 10 W, sensitivity 85.2 dB, frequency range from 70 Hz to 20 kHz;
  • pluses: built-in clock and alarm;
  • cons: it is difficult to make out characters at a distance of more than two meters.

Wireless speaker with radio JBL Horizon Black

How to choose a JBL column

Acoustics should be selected based on technical characteristics, but do not forget about such important selection criteria as operating conditions and personal preferences. If you need a powerful device for outings, then the waterproof Charge series is best suited for these purposes. A protective coating will ensure uninterrupted operation of the column even when accidentally immersed in water. More compact versions do not have high sound quality, so music connoisseurs will love the backlit Pulse.

A gadget with a large battery capacity, like the Clip series, will allow you to enjoy the device for a longer amount of time (compared to other versions). The GO device is compact and easy to carry, it can be carried with you everywhere, put in your pocket or bag. However, the sound power and the number of bands in this version are inferior to their predecessors, so this speaker is best suited for solo walks or small companies.

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