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Today’s TV manufacturers are offering consumers increasingly thin screens that provide high-quality picture with a wide range of settings. The sound quality does not greatly increase just because of the compactness of the case, so using a TV for surround multi-voice acoustics is difficult. To solve the problem, you will need equipment in the form of an acoustic system (AS) from several speakers powered from the network. The audio system will make watching movies spectacular, bringing the home atmosphere closer to the one you used to feel in the cinema.

Types of speakers for TV

The sound system for a TV with all kinds of speakers is ideal for solving a sound problem. Powerful speakers have a wide range of reproduced frequencies, due to which small rustles and noises will be available to users. The audio system itself is a complex sound system that aims to reproduce and deliver sound waves. When watching analogue TV channels, it will not work to improve the sound.

The easiest way to implement an audio system for TV is considered to be a soundbar. From the point of view of equipping a TV device, there is a more worthy option – an acoustic stand. In this case, the equipment is installed directly on the column. Such models are today produced by Denon, LG, Panasonic, Maxell, etc. However, the option in the form of a stand will not cover a wide range of sound scenes, and a full-fledged soundbar model that wins in terms of sound quality is not designed to complement TV.

There are several speakers. The most extensive among them is active acoustic. In this type of acoustics, a special amplifier is built in, aimed at facilitating the coordination of radiation in various parameters, for example, power. Passive audio systems have a drawback, which is the lack of an amplifier – it is selected separately. There are still horn systems that do not need a special amplifier. In addition, the following acoustics are distinguished:

  • electrostatic;
  • outdoor;
  • shelf;
  • glider;
  • central plan;
  • rear;
  • frontal.

Separately, you can select a subwoofer for a TV, which is a specialized speaker whose work is aimed at reproducing low-frequency sound (bass). This type of speaker can be used even when watching movies, when standard speakers cannot cope with the reproduction of low-frequency sounds. You can connect the audio system in one of the ways:

  • line outputs;
  • connectors for “tulips”;
  • HDMI cable
  • SCART connector
  • wireless connection.

The universal connector of them is SCART, which serves to transmit video, sound and is used to connect peripheral devices. At the same time, HDMI supports CEC and ARC technology. The sound of the TV is played in stereo. Good multichannel sound will be available only if additional external speakers are connected to the TV via the receiver.

TV speakers

The best models

On sale today there are a large number of models of audio systems for television frontal, floor, wall and other types. The speakers for the TV differ from each other in power, sound quality, type of interface and other parameters. Speakers that connect to TV wirelessly began to acquire considerable distribution today. The main thing in this case is that the communication between the devices is stable, otherwise there will be a sound loss. Top models include:

  • Yamaha NS-F160;
  • JBL Studio 130;
  • JBL Studio 580;
  • Sony HT-CT380;
  • HECO Music Style 25A;
  • Monitor Audio Bronze;
  • Heco Celan GT 302;
  • BBK MA-970S;
  • Sonos Playbar;
  • Samsung HW-K360 et al.

Acoustic speakers have a number of mandatory requirements that they must meet. It is desirable that they possess:

  • Power. This parameter indicates the ability of audio systems to keep volume at a proper level..
  • Good sensitivity. It makes the sound more distinct at any volume level..
  • Competent design. Thanks to it, with the correct placement of the speakers in the room, it will provide the necessary spatial sound.
  • The size that matches the parameters of the room.
  • Functionality. Speakers (floor, shelf) have different tonality, which affects the sound.

Wireless TV Speakers

Sony HT-CT390 – wireless speakers for TV 2.1, which is suitable for installation in a large room. The total power of 300 W is unlikely to be fully utilized, as the soundbar is not designed for maximum loads – gradually it will begin to hum and whistle slightly. At a lower volume, watching a movie with this model is a pleasure. The device is wireless because Supports Bluetooth. There is a voice enhancement mode. This soundbar can be turned into a full-fledged music center by simply connecting a USB flash drive with music to it:

  • name: Sony HT-CT390;
  • price: 18499 r .;
  • characteristics: standard – 2.1, type – active sound bar, power – 300 W, speakers – 1 ceiling, dimensions – 90×12.1×5.2 cm, weight – 2.2 kg, there is a subwoofer (17×34.2×36.2 cm, weight 6 , 2 kg) with a 13 cm speaker, interfaces – HDMI, USB Type A, support for NFC, Bluetooth;
  • pluses: there are mounts for installation, clear sound, decent power, simple controls, the presence of a wireless connection;
  • cons: many sound settings, relatively small display.

Wireless speakers Sony HT-CT390

Active speakers

If you are interested in active acoustics for a home theater, then take a look at the Samsung TW-H5500 speakers, which provide rich, surround sound with minimal distortion. The model is compatible with almost all modern devices, for example, a player, TV, various mobile devices. Synchronization is via Bluetooth or RCA, USB, 3.5 mm input. The device plays MP3, WMA file formats. In addition, the speakers are equipped with DTS and Dolby Digital decoders, which creates the effect of being in a movie theater:

  • name: Samsung TW-H5500;
  • price: 20390 r.;
  • characteristics: total power – 350 W, low-frequency amplification – 1 level, case material – MDF / plastic, has a built-in Bluetooth module, dimensions of the front speakers (2×175 cm) – 98x20x29.5 cm, resistance – 4 Ohms, weight – 55 kg, black colour;
  • pluses: sound quality, assembly, almost universal, convenient connection;
  • Cons: at a quiet volume they play not very well.

Speakers Samsung TW-H5500


In Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the country, you can find dozens of floor-mounted speaker models, one of which is an innovative solution from the Yamaha brand – NS-F160. The acoustic properties of this module are enough to create a home theater without investing too much in its creation. This two-way floor-standing bass reflex speaker is equipped with a front speaker:

  • name: Yamaha NS-F160;
  • price: 11865 r.;
  • characteristics: type – two-way floor-mounted, maximum power – 300 W, frequency range – 30-36000 Hz, sensitivity – 87 dB, impedance – 6 Ohms, separate connection of HF, LF, dimensions – 21.8 x 104.2 x 36.9 cm, weight – 19 kg, there is a removable grill, magnetic protection;
  • pluses: stability and structural strength, high-quality assembly, a high degree of power, is relatively cheap;
  • Cons: not the strongest microdynamics, requires a long “warm-up”.

Speakers Yamaha NS-F160


Wharfedale Obsidian 600 5.0 – a high-quality speaker for a room with an area of ​​30 m2, which is released by a British company with 70 years of history. An audio system that is optimally suited for a home theater device consists of a pair of front speakers, a pair of rear speakers and a center channel system – their total power is 375 watts. Low- and mid-frequency speakers are made of wicker Kevlar, which is impregnated with a special polymer – due to the additional rigidity, the sound becomes cleaner. This model has a good price-quality ratio:

  • name: Wharfedale Obsidian 600 5.0;
  • price: 54400 r.;
  • characteristics: type – passive, front speakers – 2 floor, number of bands – 3, front channel frequency range – 40-20000 Hz, rear – 80-20000 Hz, central – 75-20000 Hz, channel sensitivity – 89, 88, 88 dB ;
  • pluses: powerful, clear and surround sound, rich bass, decent frequency range, Kevlar speakers;
  • cons: expensive, insufficiently powerful rear speakers.

Speakers Wharfedale Obsidian 600 5.0

Wall mounted

Pay attention to the ultra-compact JBL C62P subwoofer that is used with 40CS / T or Control 50S / T subwoofers. You can order this model of audio system for TV in a specialized online store with mail delivery. The device has a conical orientation of 140 °, IP44 protection, as well as galvanized steel mesh with powder coating. The suspension is made using two reinforced cables of 4.5 mm, which are included in the package:

  • name: JBL C62P;
  • price: 4609 r.;
  • characteristics: color – white, width – 12.8 cm, depth – 14.1 cm, weight – 0.7 kg, speaker – 50 mm, number of bands – 1, frequency range – 150-20000 Hz, sensitivity – 84 dB, impedance – 16 Ohms, rated power – 30 W;
  • pluses: relatively lightweight, compact, cheap;
  • cons: low power.

Speakers JBL C62P


Pay attention to the Yamaha subwoofer YST-FSW100, made in a stylish narrow case. The device is an excellent solution to complement TVs, especially thin liquid-crystal ones. A distinctive feature of the model is the use of Advanced YST – a technology that suppresses impedance due to the interaction of the amplifier and speaker. An acoustic device can remain operational even at high loads:

  • name: Yamaha YST-FSW100;
  • price: 9960 r.;
  • characteristics: type – active, maximum power – 130 W, speaker size – 16 cm, frequency range – 30-200 Hz, color – black, dimensions – 40×37.5×15.7 cm, weight – 8.1 kg;
  • pluses: deep bass, build quality, reasonable price;
  • cons: small frequency range, simple design.

Yamaha Subwoofer YST-FSW100


You can convert a TV into a Smart TV almost if you connect it to a soundbar. Samsung’s HW-K360 2.1-channel wireless subwoofer TV audio system is a great option that can be installed almost anywhere. The model is not professional, but it can significantly improve the sound of television speakers. The subwoofer is controlled, like many other speakers, using the remote control. The model has a panel with a plastic case, which is decorated in black:

  • name: Samsung HW-K360;
  • price: 10990 r .;
  • specifications: color – black, dimensions – 96.5x7x5.4 cm, weight – 4.4 kg, interfaces – microUSB 2.0 / Toslink (optical input) / 3.5 mm audio input, front speakers power – 2×35 W, resistance – 6 Ohms, there is support for Bluetooth, Dolby Digital, DTS, decoders, subwoofer dimensions – 30×15.5×29.3 cm, power – 60 W;
  • pluses: a variety of settings, low cost, wireless connection;
  • Cons: relatively simple design, no HDMI port.

Soundbar Samsung HW-K360

With optical input for TV

A good purchase can be an active Sonos Playbar soundbar with 9 speakers, each of which is equipped with its own Class D amplifier. To start working with this device, one optical cable must be plugged into the TV and the other into the power outlet. This soundbar can be integrated into almost any speaker:

  • name: Sonos Playbar;
  • price: 59990 r.;
  • characteristics: overall dimensions – 90x14x8.5 cm, interfaces – optical input (Toslink), LAN-connector (RJ45), color of the front speakers – black, weight – 5.4 kg, wall mount;
  • pluses: there is Wi-Fi support through the built-in module, easy management and configuration, excellent design, you can play music from the cloud storage;
  • cons: not enough bass, limited scope.

Speakers Sonos Playbar

Acoustics for LG TV

For an LG TV, the SJ3 soundbar is a good buy. It is presented in the form of a thin soundbar, which has a minimalist design and very powerful speakers. The latter are able to fill with vibrations of sound even a relatively large room:

  • name: LG SJ3;
  • price: 14990 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 95×4.7×7.1 cm, weight – 9.5 kg, color – black, power front speakers – 2×50 W, resistance – 4 Ohms, Bluetooth support, subwoofer – wireless 200 W, case material – plastic / MDF ;
  • pluses: modern design, good sound, stable communication with the smartphone when playing music via Bluetooth;
  • Cons: the kit does not have a cable to connect to the TV.

Acoustics LG SJ3


Those who are going to get Philips TV speakers need to take a closer look at the Philips CSS7235Y / 12 soundbar. This system will help you enjoy deep and surround sound. It is equipped with removable and wireless rear speakers and a subwoofer. There are quality tweeters with a soft dome. Bluetooth is used for wireless music streaming (aptX and AAC):

  • name: Philips CSS7235Y / 12;
  • price: 41000 r.;
  • characteristics: type – 4.1, total power – 210 W, there is a wireless subwoofer 90 W with a frequency range of 20-150 Hz, front speakers 2×30 W with a frequency range of 150 Hz-20 kHz, weight – 11.9 kg, color – silver / black ;
  • Pros: functional, supports many interfaces;
  • cons: high cost.

Soundbar Philips CSS7235Y / 12


If you are looking for speakers for Samsung TVs, then check out the specifications of the SWA-9000S speakers. This home audio system is presented in a wall-mounted version, while it is compatible with some other devices: HW-MS650, HW-MS6501, HW-MS6500. The back of the case is made of plastic:

  • name: Samsung SWA 9000S;
  • price: 9990 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 8.8×8.8×14.7 cm, weight – 1.9 kg, color – black, total power – 54 W, sound system – 54 W, frequency range – 20 Hz-20 kHz, rear speakers – wireless;
  • pluses: reasonable cost, good functionality, powerful sound;
  • cons: not the most aesthetic design.

Speakers Samsung SWA 9000S

Acoustics 5.1

When planning to equip your Panasonic, Mystery or other well-known brand TV speakers with speakers to create the necessary atmosphere when watching movies, check out the available 5.1 speakers. A great purchase would be the Polk Audio TL1600 speaker kit, which belongs to the latest Blackstone lineup. The satellite cases are molded from a special composite, which improves sound quality:

  • name: Polk Audio TL1600;
  • price: 47390 r.;
  • characteristics: color – black, weight – 14.8 kg, frequency range of the central channel – 95-22000 Hz, rear system, front and subwoofer – 135-22000 Hz, acoustic design – with a bass reflex, the resistance of each element – 8 Ohms,
  • pluses: functionality, good sound level, there is a 100-watt amplifier;
  • cons: no remote control, expensive.

Acoustics Polk Audio TL1600

Acoustics 2.1

Sven MS-1820 2.1 speakers consists of two satellites and one subwoofer. To control this system, a mode button and a remote control are used. There is the possibility of general adjustment of the frequency characteristics of sound and volume by means of manipulators located on the subwoofer body. The speaker housing is made of durable plastic:

  • name: Sven MS-1820 2.1;
  • price: 2680 p.;
  • characteristics: subwoofer frequency range – 40-150 Hz, satellites – 150-20000 Hz, power – 18 and 2×11 W, speaker sizes – 92 and 57 mm, dimensions – 16.4×23.3×25 cm for the subwoofer and 9x13x8.3 cm and satellites There is a digital LED-display, magnetic shielding;
  • pluses: functionality, low cost, the ability to play music with SD-memory cards and USB-drives;
  • cons: mediocre quality.

Acoustics Sven MS-1820 2.1

How to choose speakers for TV

When buying speakers for a TV, first decide between the floor, ceiling, wall and built-in options. The first devices are ideal for large rooms, but in cramped rooms they are inappropriate, because nothing but a booming bass will bring. Wall and ceiling require mounting using special brackets. Built-in models are more suitable for a private home – they are used mainly to create a sound background and very rarely for home theaters. Other selection criteria:

  • Speaker Configuration Value 2.1, 4.1, etc. indicates the number of components in the speaker: the first digit indicates the number of satellites, and the second – subwoofers. The higher the numbers, the clearer the sound the specific system can provide. The effect of presence when watching a movie will help create the AC 7.1. For high-quality stereo sound reproduction, version 2.1 is quite suitable.
  • Power. The higher it is, the better. For a small room, there is no need to purchase a powerful and expensive speaker system. 20-50 watts will be enough for apartment owners.
  • Frequency range. Well, if the audio system has an indicator close to the range of 20 Hz-20 kHz, which is accessible to the human ear. For daily use, speakers with a range of 40 Hz-18 kHz.
  • Material. An ideal option is considered to be a tree, but more affordable and also quite good – multilayer plywood, particleboard, MDF. A bad choice is plastic, which can cause rattling. Make sure that the housing is well-assembled with no cracks, chips, etc..
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