The miracle shovel device for the earth or snow – how to choose according to characteristics

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There is a lot of work in the city and in the garden, but the most exhausting processes are the digging of root crops, removing weed roots and cultivating the land. They begin to dig, as a rule, a little in advance due to the large physical load. It is possible to significantly reduce complexity and dig up a garden faster by purchasing a universal excavator – a wonderful shovel for digging earth. This simple and inexpensive device is very effective. The process of loosening and breaking lumps of soil is accelerated even on complex soils.

What is a wonderful shovel for digging the earth

A shovel for the lazy (as the described device is often called) is a kind of cultivator, because she not only digs, but also breaks lumps. This tool does not have a spade as such, but the differences from the classic bayonet version do not end there. Her handle is much higher – she should ideally reach to the shoulder. Digging the surface of the earth with this tool is an order of magnitude easier than using a classic cultivator. Super shovel for digging the garden performs the following operations:

  • soil loosening;
  • breaking clods;
  • “Getting” the roots of weeds with minimal damage;
  • digging potatoes, carrots and other root crops.

Miracle spade on the lawn


If you are interested in a self-digging shovel, first get acquainted with its structure and principle of operation, otherwise a purchase made may not suit you. A miracle shovel for digging and loosening earth layers consists of one or two strips with pins that are movably connected to each other. Some models have a back stop in the design, which simplifies digging of dense and heavy soil, reducing the load on the lower back. In addition, the design is equipped with forks and a lever mechanism.

How does it work

Miracle digging noticeably facilitates work in the garden or on a suburban area, with the main load not on the back, but on the legs (when pushing the forks into the ground) and hands (when the forks are turned out of the ground). The back during work is almost not loaded, especially since it is in an upright position. The effort to plow several hundred parts of the site (whether it is black soil or another type of soil) will require less than when using a bayonet shovel. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Grasp the handle, put the miracle shovel, resting it on the front cultivator.
  2. Next, bend the forks into the ground so that the rear stop touches the ground. If necessary, press with your foot on the crossbar of the front forks, as the soil may be heavy, dense.
  3. Pull the handle of the hand cultivator towards you. With this action, the forks rise, pass through the forks of the front stop and break all the clods of earth.
  4. Pull the device a little back, and then repeat all the steps first.

Types of miraculous shovels for digging earth

If you are interested in such a smart shovel, then check out what options you can find on sale. You can buy the tool you are interested in in Moscow, St. Petersburg or any other city in the country in a specialized online store with mail delivery. Be sure to replenish your garden tools with such a miracle device, you will appreciate it in the midst of work in the garden. To facilitate the processing of beds, you can purchase one of the following options:

  • Digger;
  • Mole;
  • Archimedean shovel;
  • Plowman;
  • Tornado;
  • Miracle Shovel Potato Digger.


The sharp teeth of the forks of this type of device are easily pierced into the ground, making it easier to loosen and process the garden. Miraculous pitchfork increases digging speed and eliminates too heavy loads. The depth of the cultivation of the land depends both on the length of the bayonet and on the efforts of the gardener. If you have not decided on a purchase, the Zemlekop miracle shovel may be a suitable option for you:

  • model name: Zemlekop-6;
  • price: 1366.1 rubles;
  • characteristics: manufacturing material – metal, dimensions – 490x540x150 mm, processing width – 48 cm, teeth – 6 pieces;
  • pluses: it is intended for deep digging in 25 cm;
  • cons: the tool can not be used for processing virgin soil.

Buying another, no less high-quality design of the same category will cost you a little cheaper:

  • model name: Super Excavator-7;
  • price: 721 rubles;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 50x15x57 cm, 7 teeth, 2 handles, material – metal, total length – 55 cm, weight – 5120 g;
  • pluses: cheap, good build quality;
  • cons: walking hard on crushed ground.

Shovel for the lazy Super Excavator-7 in action


To dig up and facilitate the processing of gardens and suburban areas, you can order such a miracle device as a mole shovel. It has a bayonet depth of at least 25 cm. The rytvin can immediately be used to plant vegetable crops. Before placing an order, familiarize yourself with the offers of several outlets. Promotions or sales allow you to buy the right product at a discount. One of the variants of the Mole’s spade:

  • model name: MOLE-B Forged;
  • price: 990 rubles;
  • characteristics: one handle, digging width of one strip – 550 mm, material – steel, loosening depth – up to 25 cm;
  • pluses: reasonable cost, excellent loosening depth;
  • cons: suitable mainly for loose soil.

If the described products do not suit you, check out the characteristics of another option:

  • model name: KROT-M;
  • price: 1152 rubles;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 52x38x11cm, package weight – 2 kg, digging width – 420 mm;
  • pluses: strength, speed;
  • cons: only previously cultivated land easily digs.

Super shovel for digging earth KROT-M

Archimedean Shovel

Forklift scooters and a miracle shovel facilitate processing, speeding up the process of preparing the land. The speed will be affected by the width of the pitchfork. The Archimedean Shovel, which has a small foot lever compared to a bayonet counterpart, is very popular among site owners. While pressing it with a foot, the blade of the device throws up a certain amount of earth. Detailed description:

  • model name: Archimedean shovel;
  • price: 1200 rubles;
  • characteristics: weight – about 1.8 kg, there is a foot lever for double reduction, the handle has a lower part with a cone 38 cm long;
  • pluses: ease of construction, strength;
  • cons: costs slightly more than some analogues.

Archimedean Miracle Shovel


The miracle shovel Plowman has become widespread – an indispensable gardening equipment of Russian production. At the heart of working with her is the principle of the lever system. Thanks to the lever, it is possible to obtain greater force at the short end with significantly less applied force at the long end. Shovel Plowman – an effective assistant in the garden. One of the product options:

  • model name: Plowman 350 mm;
  • price: 990 rubles;
  • characteristics: loosening depth – up to 20 cm, working width – 35 cm, length of soil treated at one time – 20 cm, material – hardened steel, weight – 4.5 kg;
  • pluses: high performance, no back load;
  • cons: heavy, transportation difficulties.

Another miracle shovel “Plowman” has a large loosening width, but also costs a little more:

  • model name: Plowman 430 mm;
  • price: 1150 rubles;
  • characteristics: loosening depth – 15-20 cm, processing width – 55 cm, frame length – 93 cm, width – 43 cm, weight – 6 kg;
  • pluses: wide processing width, excellent strength;
  • cons: difficulties in transportation, bulky.

Super Spade Model Plowman


Such a hand cultivator as a tornado shovel is very popular. Its presence will help to permanently solve the problem associated with annual tillage. The main thing is to choose the best purchase and decide on the appropriate length of the cuttings, which in most cases is purchased separately. A good purchase for you might be this option:

  • model name: Tornado Miracle Shovel;
  • price: 1488 rubles;
  • characteristics: package size – 90x40x14 cm, weight – 4825 g;
  • Pros: build quality, ease of use;
  • Cons: bulky, heavy.

To save time and effort, as well as reduce the load on the back, get acquainted with the characteristics of such a cultivator:

  • model name: Tornado cultivator;
  • price: 1339 rubles;
  • characteristics: package size – 60x20x20 cm, weight – 2385 kg, deepens to a depth of 20 cm;
  • pluses: ease of use, uproots weeds;
  • Cons: poorly loosens compacted soil.

Hand Tornado Cultivator Model

Miracle Shovel Potato Digger

Harvesting potatoes is a very tedious and time-consuming process, requiring a lot of time and effort. A special miracle shovel will come to the rescue, the main thing is to adapt to its principle of action. After that, the work will be accelerated several times. Check out at least a couple of tools to get the right tool. First, pay attention to such a product:

  • model name: Vintage 280mm;
  • price: 590 rubles;
  • characteristics: 7 teeth, 1 handle, furrow width – 280 mm, loosening depth – 25 mm, dimensions – 280x120x410 mm, weight – 3 kg;
  • pluses: rate of digging, low cost;
  • cons: a little bulky.

Another multifunctional and convenient tool for the summer cottage, which will simplify its processing:

  • model name: Farmer;
  • price: 1359 rubles;
  • characteristics: you can dig to a depth of 5-25 cm, the length of the teeth – 25 cm, weight – 2.9 kg;
  • pluses: efficiency, you can dig without bending;
  • cons: higher cost compared to peers.

Wonderful forks for digging potatoes

How to choose a wonderful shovel for digging earth

Decide on the design. If you are looking for a less cumbersome option, then give preference to a model without a front stop. True, its presence increases stability during operation. Pay attention to the width of the working part. The best option is considered to be 45-60 cm – you should not choose more, because this will complicate the digging process and productivity will drop. The length of the working pins should be 220-300 mm, and the distance between them – 70-80 mm. Before buying, make sure that all structural elements are durable and their connections are reliable..

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