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To prevent cold air from entering the apartment from the street, a special device can be found on free sale. This is a heater above the front door, which has electronic control, remote control and several modes of operation. The unit itself is silent and compact, its presence in the house is sometimes simply indispensable for all households.

Thermal veil – what is it

In fact, this is a cold air cutter on the front doors, which works on the principle of a heat fan. It protects the room from drafts, and its inhabitants – from cold and disease. The installation can be vertical and horizontal, but the functions are identical – to ensure the flow of heat, to prevent the penetration of cold air from the street. The thermal curtain works from the network, the working voltage is 220 volts. If you hang such an assembly on the front door, there will definitely not be anyone dissatisfied with such an innovation.

Balu Water Thermal Curtain

How the thermal curtain works

For climate control in the premises of any meter, the progressive device of the thermal curtain is specially designed. Its installation is relevant for the front door, while the spectrum of action is limited. To understand how this unit operates, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with its structural elements. This is a metal casing, fan, air heater, nozzles for the exit of the jet. Additionally, a sensor and other devices can be mounted for quick heating of the air, monitoring the temperature of the air in the doorway.


There are several types of curtains, which differ in the principle of operation and method of installation. In the first case, the electric thermal curtain, which works from a 220 V network, is especially relevant. For such character models, not only vertical / horizontal installation, they can be installed on the side in the doorways. The main heating element is an electric spiral, and warm air is distributed through a classic fan. For home use, this is an excellent option, since the thermal curtain has a discreet design, compact dimensions.


Compared with the previous proposal, this is a budget option, which in the process of use has several advantages. Among them, overall dimensions, low noise during operation, overheat protection system, economical energy consumption, affordable price. The scheme of operation of air-to-air water curtains is based on heating the main element, which is a heater. It is characterized by increased stability in relation to sharp changes in ambient temperature, has a long service life, high technical characteristics.


The second classification of thermal curtains on the front door is carried out by the method of installation in the doorway. For a living room, this is very important so as not to spoil the interior and not litter the space with unnecessary objects. Studying the existing types of thermal curtains, it is possible to determine which option is optimal in a particular case.


Such models are considered running, as they are imperceptibly fixed above the door or window opening over the entire width. Vertical thermal curtains provide a stable barrier, and the room maintains a sufficient level of heat for a long time. Wall mounting requires certain skills, which is why it is especially convenient and simple not horizontal, but floor-mounted. Such mobile designs are more popular every year..

Vertical Thermal Curtains

Electric horizontal

Knowing how the unit is arranged, it is important to correctly install it in your apartment, use it for its intended purpose. The horizontal thermal curtain is mounted on the entrance opening on the sides, it is used in the presence of suspended ceilings or in the absence of free space above the door. Such models are particularly cumbersome, not suitable for apartments with small corridors. In this case, the thermal curtain on the front door will only interfere, constantly catch my eye.

Electric horizontal thermal curtain


When buying a thermal curtain on the front door, installation behind a suspended ceiling or installation of doors and windows in an aperture is appropriate. Modern models are equipped with additional features to prevent condensation. Universal thermal curtains are considered a full-fledged heating element, suitable for home use and installation in office rooms. You can choose a suitable design on the Internet or seek the help of a consultant in a specialized store. Thermal curtains over the door are inexpensive, order and buy cheaper in the online store.

The thermal curtain which is built in over a door

Thermal Curtain Performance

Given the density of the air flow and the footage of the living room, you can correctly select the thermal curtain on the front door. The power of the structure (in kW) determines. How much air is able to pump the unit per unit of time. Do not save on such an indicator, otherwise the thermal curtain will create insufficient heat, and the draft will still penetrate the room. The cost of the heat curtain and the receipt of the desired effect by the buyer depend on such a technical indicator as power.

How to choose a thermal curtain

If you decide to buy a thermal curtain on the front door, it is important to first study the technical specifications of all existing models, consider real photos, read reviews and determine the final price. The range of modern heat curtains is huge, and each manufacturer offers a number of advantages when making such an actual purchase.


When choosing suitable ceiling curtains, it is advisable to pay special attention to the manufacturer and its reputation in the market. It depends on how long the heat curtain will last, whether it will fulfill its initial functions, and with what energy consumption. Below are two models that potential buyers distinguish as rating ones. It:

  • model name – Ballu BHC-6.000 SR;
  • price – 6 300 rubles;
  • product characteristics – power – 6 kW, remote control, electronic control, protection against overheating;
  • pluses – a compact thermal curtain of horizontal installation, imperceptibly complements the interior design;
  • cons – acts like a fan.

Horizontal thermal curtain Ballu BHC-6.000 SR

The second, no less popular model of the thermal curtain on the front door is presented below:

  • name – Dantex RZ-0306DMN;
  • price – from 5 500 rubles;
  • product characteristics – power – 3 kW, protection against overheating, mechanical control, vertical installation;
  • pluses – an inexpensive model with high technical characteristics;
  • cons – no.

Vertical thermal curtain Dantex RZ-0306DMN

Maximum heating power

This is another important technical indicator that is taken into account if you determine in advance the size of the room and the degree of its heating. The choice of ceiling design depends on the meter and the heating rate of the air. Below are powerful models that correspond to a compromise solution of the parameters “Price – Quality”. These are products from the following manufacturers..

  • model name – Falco AD105;
  • price – 15,000 rubles;
  • product characteristics – power – 4.5 kW, protection against overheating, vertical or ceiling installation;
  • pluses – heats large areas, affordable cost;
  • cons – no.

Ceiling thermal curtain Frico AD 105

Here is the second competitive thermal curtain for large areas on the front door:

  • model name – Frico AD210E06;
  • price – 63 000 rubles;
  • product characteristics – power adjustment, 380/400 V mains operation, wall, ceiling, suspended ceiling mounting options;
  • pluses – ventilation without heating, low noise, the presence of a fan;
  • cons – maximum installation height – 2.5 m, high cost.

Large area thermal curtain Frico AD210E06

Sizes of a veil

It is desirable to install a compact model on the front door, which will not spoil the interior of the room. At the same time, it is important to select high technical characteristics of the structure that eliminate drafts and maintain a sufficient indicator of heat in the premises at a low noise level. Below are the thermal curtains of ceiling and floor type, which are especially in demand among the masses:

  • model name – NeoClima NQH-1.2i;
  • price – 2,000 rubles;
  • product features – infrared quartz heater, mechanical control, overheat protection, power – 1.2 kW, floor mounting option;
  • pluses – shutdown when overheating, dimensions – 57x16x13.5 cm, low price;
  • cons – not available.

Mechanically controlled infrared thermal curtain NeoClima NQH-1.2i

Below is another thermal curtain on the front door of a domestic manufacturer:

  • model name – CLASSIC KS-1003;
  • price – 17,000 rubles;
  • product characteristics – vertical installation, shutdown from overheating, lack of a temperature regulator;
  • pluses – dimensions – 985x260x220, heating large areas;
  • cons – high price.

Vertical thermal curtain CLASSIC KS-1003

Type of heating element

Models come with and without an electric heat exchanger. In the first case, we are talking about the heater, spirals, ceramic heaters. In addition, the presence of a mycothermal heater is not ruled out, which makes it possible to control the energy consumption modes. Such a parameter is stated in the technical specifications, determines the functionality and speed of a particular unit. It:

  • model name – MINI – MINI-0;
  • price – 4,000 rubles;
  • product characteristics – dimensions – 800x175x125, heating element – heating elements, installation at a level of more than 2 meters;
  • pluses – minimum energy consumption, heat saving even with open doors;
  • cons – no.

The second thermal curtain on the front door is presented below, delivery in Moscow and the region does not cause difficulties:

  • name – Artos BARREL 1500;
  • price – 30 000 rubles;
  • product characteristics – dimensions – 1610x535x450, voltage – 220 V;
  • pluses – covers large spaces, is installed at a height of 6 m, minimal heat loss;
  • cons – high cost.

Thermal curtain Arctos MALL 1500


According to this criterion for choosing a model, there are electronic and mechanical ones, with and without a remote control. When choosing, it is important to consider this criterion in order to ensure the most comfortable conditions for the regular use of the thermal curtain. For the front door, the presence of a remote control is only welcome, and it is better to choose an electronic design. Here are some good options for home use:

  • model name – Tropic K6 (Russia);
  • price – 3,000 rubles;
  • product characteristics – power – 6 kW, remote control, maximum installation height – 2 m, productivity – 300 m3 / hour;
  • pluses – compact and powerful unit at an affordable price;
  • cons – no.

Thermal veil with the Tropic K6 control panel

The second thermal curtain, quickly installed on the front door, is presented below:

  • model name – Frico AD-215A;
  • price – 55 000 rubles;
  • product characteristics – horizontal mounting, the presence of a remote control, heating element – heating elements, power – 6 kW;
  • pluses – a powerful model for large areas;
  • cons – high price.

Thermal curtain Frico AD-215A


Such progressive models are installed horizontally or vertically depending on the design of the thermal curtain and the dimensions of the room itself. In this matter, it is advisable to take the help of a specialist, while not understanding that such services are also provided on a paid basis. Here are some of the heat curtains that can be installed in your own home:

  • name – Ballu BHC-18.500TR;
  • price – 24 000 rubles;
  • product characteristics – vertical / horizontal fastening, device power – 9 – 18 kW, maximum height – up to 5 m, the presence of remote control;
  • pluses – powerful design;
  • cons – high cost.

Thermal curtain with Ballu BHC-18.500TR control panel

The second option is the choice of buyers for the front door:

  • model name – Vectra RM-1209G-3D / Y-6;
  • price – 5,300 rubles;
  • product characteristics – vertical / horizontal fastening, power – 6 kW, maximum height – 2.5 m, the presence of remote control;
  • pluses – affordable price for home use, high quality, warranty;
  • cons – no.

Cutter of cold air Vectra RM-1209G-3D / Y-6

Noise level

Silent models must be chosen to avoid discomfort in your own home. This indicator is reflected in the technical documentation. Here are the suitable home curtains:

  • name – Neoclima TZT-508;
  • price – 8,200 rubles;
  • product characteristics – power – 4.5 kW, mechanical control, horizontal installation;
  • pluses – low noise level – 46 dB, reasonable price;
  • cons – no.

low noise horizontal thermal curtain Neoclima TZT-508

Here is the second thermal curtain, which is ideal for the front door of various sizes:

  • model name – MINI – MINI-3;
  • price – 4,500 rubles;
  • product characteristics – power – 3 kW, horizontal installation, protection against overheating, lack of adjustment of heat supply;
  • pluses – low noise level – 54 dB, compact dimensions, affordable cost;
  • cons – no.

Types of installation

Thermal veils can be installed on a wall or on a ceiling. This point is reflected in the technical documentation. The second installation option is irrelevant in the presence of suspended ceilings and drywall constructions. The installation site and the choice of fasteners will tell the knowledgeable master. Here are some good home options:

  • name – Neoclima TZT-308;
  • price – 4,500 rubles;
  • product characteristics – power – 3 kW, mechanical control, wall mounting, horizontal installation;
  • pluses – a cheap model with high technical characteristics;
  • cons – no.

Thermal curtain with mechanical control Neoclima TZT-308

The second option for the front door is presented below:

  • model name – Dantex RZ-0609 DDN;
  • price – 7 800 rubles;
  • product characteristics – power – 6 kW, thermostat, temperature control, ceramic heater, wall mounting;
  • pluses – high technical specifications, affordable prices;
  • cons – no.

Thermal curtain with a ceramic heater Dantex RZ-0609 DDN

Overheat shutdown

This is an important function that prolongs the service life of the thermal structure for the front door, protects against breakage. The cost of curtains with this parameter will be an order of magnitude more expensive, but you can not worry about climate control in the living room. Pay attention to the following units:

  • model name – Neoclima TZS-610;
  • price – 6,000 rubles;
  • product characteristics – power – 6 kW, wall mounting, horizontal installation, shutdown from overheating;
  • pluses – affordable thermal design;
  • cons – questionable customer reviews.

Thermal veil with protection against an overheat of Neoclima TZS-610

The second option for the front door:

  • name – Ballu BHC-L06-S03;
  • price – 3,700 rudders;
  • product characteristics – power – up to 3 kW, fan, wall mounting, disconnection from overheating;
  • pluses – a budget option for the home;
  • cons – a limited number of functions.

Ballu BHC-L06-S03 thermal protector

Rating of thermal curtains

Many buyers are interested in what is the best thermal curtain on a door, what is its cost. You can determine the favorite for the front door by the reviews on the network on thematic sites. An individual consultation of a specialist in installing thermal structures on the front door will not be superfluous. Below is the top three sales leaders in terms of cost and quality:

  1. Neoclima TZS-610.
  2. Timberk THC WS8 3M.
  3. Ballu BHC-L08-T03.
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