What blinds to choose for plastic windows – an overview of horizontal, roll, cassette with a description and prices

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Beautiful and functional blinds for plastic windows can be very different: vertical and horizontal, roll and cassette, metal and fabric, inexpensive and elite. A wide range of products allows you to choose a product for any interior office or residential premises. Designs reliably shelter rooms from prying eyes, bright light and are an excellent solution for decorating window openings.

Types of blinds on plastic windows

In the interiors of office and residential buildings in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, window openings often protect blinds. The prevalence of products is explained by their numerous advantages compared to conventional curtains. The systems require minimal maintenance, they do not need to be washed, they provide excellent sun protection. A variety of species is an added plus. For each interior, you can choose an original solution for colors, materials, designs. The market offers such an assortment of types of modern blinds for plastic windows:

  • horizontal
  • vertical
  • rolled;
  • cassette
  • pleated;
  • roller.

Rolled blinds on pvc windows

How to buy blinds for plastic windows

In online stores you can buy ready-made models. Often you can buy blinds for PVC windows cheaply on promotions, discounts, sales, order delivery by mail. Specialists recommend making blinds to order. Such products will have a higher cost, but will provide more reliable coverage. In each case, it is important to choose the right size before you buy or order window blinds. Measure the width of the frame, determine the type of mounting and design – these are the main aspects that are needed when buying.


The manufacture of fabrics of different densities, textures and color schemes of roller blinds or roller blinds makes them popular in interior decoration. Material is treated with special impregnations to improve the quality of wear resistance, as well as to prevent pollution. Products from different countries, for example, from Belarus, enter the Russian market:

  • Model Name: Santa Lime Green;
  • price: 437 rubles;
  • characteristics: width – 34 cm, light transmission – 20%;
  • pluses: fastening without drilling;
  • cons: the plastic control mechanism may fail.

Light green roller blinds on the windows of Santa Uni

At an affordable cost, window blinds are offered by domestic manufacturers. Decent quality of rolled fabric curtains is characteristic for the products of the Cosiness company:

  • model name: Pline;
  • price: 649 rubles;
  • characteristics: width – 60 cm, 100% polyester;
  • Pros: universal fastener system;
  • cons: plastic control gear.


The difference between cassette blinds and other types is the presence of a special cassette in which the canvas is hidden. Such products can only be manufactured of a horizontal type; the blinds are fixed to the plastic window on the frame. From the Czech Republic, a popular cassette model for plastic windows comes to our stores:

  • model name: Isotra Foroom G-From;
  • price: 1329 rubles per square meter m;
  • characteristics: tape material – aluminum, width – up to 160 cm;
  • pluses: environmental friendliness, low weight;
  • cons: high cost.

Cassette blinds on pvc windows Isotra Foroom G-From

Cassette constructions from the Belarusian company Rolling-Center are popular among Russian consumers. For plastic windows, the following option is often chosen:

  • model name: cassette roller blinds with spring (UNI-2);
  • price: from 88 rubles;
  • characteristics: control by means of a spring mechanism, handle on the lower bar, material – cotton;
  • pluses: the ability to install on skylights;
  • cons: the difficulty of repairing the mechanism in case of breakage.


The most common and popular type of blinds for plastic windows is horizontal. Lamels are located in a horizontal plane, moving up and down. Manufacturers offer different manufacturing materials. You can purchase blinds inexpensively from plastic or opt for a wooden, aluminum version at a higher price:

  • Model Name: Verend Design Horizontal Wood;
  • price: 4330 rubles per sq. m;
  • characteristics: material – 100% wood, lamella width – 25 or 50 mm, maximum height – 2 m;
  • pluses: environmental friendliness, refined appearance, can be attached to the ceiling, wall or frame;
  • cons: high price, deteriorates in high humidity.

Horizontal wooden blinds on plastic windows Verend Design

One of the major suppliers of window protection designs to markets in Europe is Gardinia. Among horizontal options, such a product is popular:

  • model name: Gardinia, horizontal metal;
  • price: 270 rubles;
  • characteristics: size – 70 * 160 cm, lamellas – 25 mm, material – aluminum;
  • Pros: affordable cost, ease of use;
  • cons: heated in the sun.

With an image

Modern production creates blinds from any materials with drawings. The original appearance, versatility, the possibility of a unique design attract the attention of buyers to this category of goods. In the workshops, you can order individual drawings or choose an already finished product:

  • model name: Prix, Magnolia, blue;
  • price: 458 rubles;
  • characteristics: type – vertical, material – polyester;
  • pluses: dust-repellent impregnation;
  • Cons: after several washings, the presentation may be lost.

The company Verend-Design offers its customers the opportunity to purchase multi-texture horizontal designs that mimic the lambrequins:

  • model name: Verend-Design, multi-texture;
  • price: 2280 rubles;
  • characteristics: light transmission – full dimming, material – plastic;
  • pluses: originality of design;
  • cons: high cost.

Vertical blinds with a pattern and a lambrequin Verend-Design multifactured


For plastic windows, systems with a vertical arrangement of lamellas are often used, which visually “stretch” the space. They are made of plastic, wood, metal, fabric. They produce such products around the world, including Russia:

  • model name: Ribcode vertical plastic;
  • price: 1081 rubles;
  • characteristics: lamella width – 89 mm, material – plastic;
  • pluses: wide color gamut;
  • Cons: can not be installed on the frame, only to the wall or ceiling.

Priks products are in great demand among consumers. One of the most popular beautiful varieties of the design of plastic windows is vertical blinds with lamellas made of polyester:

  • Model Name: Venice BlackOut Silver;
  • price: 508 rubles;
  • characteristics: lamella material – 100% polyester, grover – plastic;
  • pluses: dust-repellent impregnation;
  • cons: requires careful care.

Gray vertical Venetian blinds blackout silver in interior


The cost of the blinds depends on the material from which they are made, and also on the type of construction. Among the budget blinds, there are no designs with an automatic control system, they all open and close manually. The available option is the following model:

  • model name: Redi Shade RD3016229;
  • price: 136 rubles;
  • characteristics: pleated, material – paper, size – 91×182;
  • pluses: a good filter, attached without drilling to any material, including glass;
  • cons: short-lived.

Another cheap type that will slightly lighten your wallet, but provide comfort in the home – PVC blinds from China:

  • model name: HANGZHOU REKING, plastic horizontal;
  • price: 472 rubles per piece;
  • characteristics: width – 80 cm, length – 160 cm;
  • pluses: resistant to corrosion;
  • Cons: ease of mechanical damage.

Paper pleated blinds on plastic windows

Without drilling

You can install the blinds yourself without tools, if you select products that, according to the instructions, are mounted without drilling: on brackets or using double-sided tape. The blinds with installation without drilling are offered by the Russian company Plain:

  • model name: curtain roller Plein, coffee;
  • price: 499 rubles;
  • characteristics: material – polyester, size – 50 * 175 cm;
  • pluses: easy installation, aesthetics;
  • cons: fragile plastic cord and control mechanism.

Lightweight paper pleats do not require drilling during installation. Many variations of such products are offered by Redi Shade. One of the popular protections for plastic windows is a white classic model:

  • model name: Redi Shade, RD3292378-IM;
  • price: 300 rubles;
  • characteristics: size – 121 * 182;
  • pluses: lightweight construction, installation on a window of any type is possible;
  • cons: can not be washed, short-lived.

Curtain rolled Plain, color coffee

How to choose blinds for plastic windows

The variety of options entering the consumer market makes the task of choice difficult. To decide which blinds to choose for plastic windows, you will have to approach the issue from several sides:

  1. Material selection. Focus on the type of room, the intensity of sunlight and the characteristics of the material. For the decoration of windows up to 3-4 floors, give preference to metal or plastic, which is easy to clean from dust. When humidity is high, do not use wood. Roller blinds – a great solution for living rooms and bedrooms.
  2. Colour. Choose products that harmonize in color with walls and room furniture..
  3. The size. Vertical options can be up to the floor, and roll and horizontal are selected strictly according to the size of the window.
  4. The width of the lamellas. For large window openings, you can choose wide slats, for small – narrow.
  5. Management method. For large rooms with many windows, it is convenient to install automatic mechanisms that will open or close the blinds. Manual control method does not require additional equipment, therefore, many times cheaper.
  6. Cost. Not the last question that will have to be decided how much the blinds will cost. The most inexpensive models are made of plastic, aluminum and paper..
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