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A very useful thing when a child appears in the family is a sling for a newborn: the instructions will tell you how to use and wear this convenient carrying bag. Such an accessory is an assistant to a young mother, as she frees up her hands for household chores and ensures the safety of the baby. To buy a baby sling in accordance with all WHO requirements, you first need to consult a local pediatrician.

What is a baby sling

In fact, a sling for children is a fabric scarf of different density and width, which, with certain manipulations, forms a convenient and safe place (a kind of “pocket”) for a newborn child and children of an older age. The doctor recommends the final choice of baby carrier, taking into account medical indications and excluding contraindications for the child.

The baby is as if in a cradle, it is warm and comfortable. On the one hand, the newborn in the fabric is pressed against the body of matter, and on the other, is protected by dense matter. As an option, a sling scarf for newborns is made of woven, non-stretching material (cotton), but knitted (stretched) models are more popular. When buying a product, you must take into account the weight and age of the child.

Types of slings

For the convenience of young mothers, manufacturers are constantly updating the lineup, offering universal methods of winding matter and maximum safety for the newborn. This device allows you to do household chores, while always carrying the child with you under your very heart. If you wind the fabric in different ways, you can not only adjust the length of the product, but also slightly change the usual position of the crumbs. Compared to kangaroos, this is a multifunctional device to help every mom.

Below are the main types of products that prevail in free sale:

  1. Sling scarf. The model has a rectangular shape, reaches 0.5-0.8 m in width, does not exceed 2-6 m in length. There are several ways to conveniently attach it – on the stomach, thigh or back.
  2. Sling with rings. It is a rectangular scarf measuring 200×70 cm, which forms a special pocket for the newborn and is worn over one shoulder.
  3. May Sling. Other names for the model are a kangaroo or an ergorypack. The newborn takes a natural position on the mother’s chest, while the lower straps are fixed at the waist, the upper – on the shoulders.

Girl with a baby in a sling

Buy baby sling

Before buying, you need to finally decide which sling to choose for the newborn, what material composition should prevail in the so-called favorite. Some models are expensive, others will cost a young mother much cheaper. It is important to understand that this is a valuable acquisition for a single month, which is now used by newborns, but after a while babies will be needed, including for breastfeeding. Below is the ranking of leaders who prevail in free sale..

Sling backpack

After the birth of the baby and discharge of the mother from the hospital, the daily wearing of any device is additionally discussed with the obstetrician-gynecologist. If there are no medical contraindications for wearing such a bag on your chest, it’s time to decide what kind of sling is best for newborns, how to properly wind the band to lay the newborn and not worry about its safety. Below are the favorite models in a given direction. Here is the first option:

  • model name: Amazonas;
  • price: 7,000 rubles;
  • characteristics: material – 100% cotton, age – from newborn to 3 years, product parameters – 90×145 cm;
  • pluses: the original design of the product, maximum safety for the newborn, the ability to place a month old or more adult child;
  • cons: overpriced.

Here are competing products, which will cost slightly less, but in quality not inferior to the competitor described above:

  • model name: Miracle-child (Russia);
  • price: 2 600 rubles;
  • characteristics: two-sided fabric with a vegetable pattern, carrying children from 4 to 15 kg, composition – 30% linen, 70% cotton;
  • pluses: a pocket for small things on the back, the correct distribution of the load on the mother’s spine, a reflective label on the fabric for greater safety of the newborn;
  • cons: the lack of a “face forward” position, a high price.

The third option for wealthy mothers is as follows:

  • model name: Manduca;
  • price: 9 500 rubles;
  • characteristics: allowable child weight from 4 to 20 kg, original checkered pattern, dense matter;
  • pluses: the presence of the head support function, adjustment for the growth of the child, several ways of fastening;
  • cons: high price.

Children in Amazonas Sling Backpacks

May Sling

The main advantage of this modification is the ability to fix in several positions for greater convenience of the young mother. Equally popular are domestic and imported accessories for the newborn, but before buying, you need to enlist the support of the local pediatrician. Here’s what doctors advise, which sling backpack is considered the best acquisition in a given direction:

  • model name: AMAMA;
  • price: 1,300 rubles;
  • characteristics: length – 3 m, material – pure cotton, blue colors, three fixation positions;
  • pluses: a practical device for a newborn for every day at an affordable price, good quality;
  • cons: completely absent.

The second option, ideal for newborn babies:

  • model name: Miracle-Chado (Russia);
  • price: 2 000 rubles;
  • characteristics: the optimal combination of flax and cotton in a ratio of 70: 30%, the maximum weight of the child – up to 15 kg;
  • pluses: a convenient and safe design for crumbs, which you can order and buy in the online store cheaply, at a discount;
  • cons: none.

May-Sling of two colors AMAMA

Sling with rings

Before using the sling, it is recommended to carefully read one more popular product for newborns. This is a stylish and catchy accessory with rings, which modern mothers choose with the long-awaited replenishment of the family. Slingosharf with rings is not very convenient to use, but looks spectacular in combination with any style of women’s clothing. It can be worn at home and carried in society, while it is convenient and safe to transport the newborn. Here are the products of famous brands:

  • model name: Boba;
  • price: 3 900 rubles;
  • characteristics: material – cotton, maximum weight – up to 12 kg,
  • pluses: natural material, a convenient pocket for placing the child, safe transportation of the newborn;
  • cons: high price.

The second no less successful modification with rings, which is suitable for all newborns:

  • model name: Mum’s Era;
  • price: 2 900 rubles;
  • characteristics: composed of cotton, fastening method – on one shoulder,
  • pluses: the ability to adjust pocket parameters, several convenient positions for the crumbs;
  • cons: uniform distribution of the load on the spine.

The third and equally popular sling with rings:

  • model name: Velina;
  • price: 2 900 rubles;
  • characteristics: length – 1.7 m, material – cotton, fastening – on one shoulder, correction of the position of the newborn;
  • pluses: convenient, practical, stylish, catchy option, you can get a sling on the stock, affordable price;
  • cons: none.

Girls holding kids in slings with rings Mum's Era

Sling scarf

Such a progressive design for personal use is particularly convenient, since the height and position of the crumbs can be independently adjusted for greater convenience. In this fashionable carrying scarf, it is convenient to feed the newborn, transport and sleep. Here are the most popular accessories that modern pediatricians strongly recommend:

  • model name: Ellevill Zara;
  • price: 3 700 rubles;
  • characteristics: length – 4.2 m, material – cotton;
  • pluses: you can order, buy in the online store, get a discount on products, arrange delivery by mail;
  • cons: none.

The second type of domestic production sling is presented with the characteristics, advantages below:

  • model name: Echidna (Russia);
  • price: 4,200 rubles;
  • characteristics: material – cotton, length – 4.7 m, pattern with patterns, several provisions of the body of the newborn;
  • pluses: stylish design, uniform distribution of load on the spine of the mother, affordable price, natural material, the ability to buy on sale;
  • cons: none.

The third imported accessory with the characteristic is presented below:

  • model name – LittleFrog;
  • price – 4 400 rubles;
  • characteristics – material – 100% cotton, convenient and practical design for mother, baby, natural matter;
  • pluses – affordable purchase not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, high quality, long service life;
  • cons – no.

Baby behind mom in Ellevill Zara sling scarf

How to choose a baby sling

Before buying a young mom, it is important to study the rules by which it is necessary to make the final choice of sling. Here are valuable recommendations from qualified professionals:

  1. Material. It is important to choose breathable natural mid-density slings with no synthetics..
  2. Rings. Such structures must be metal, since plastic and wood do not differ in their durability..
  3. Functions It is advisable to buy multi-functional models for multiple position newborn.
  4. Brand and price. The cost of construction depends on the manufacturer, and in this matter it is important not to save.

How to wind a sling scarf – video

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