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The joy of buying a new pair of sneakers, shoes sometimes turns into trouble. When walking, a creak appears. The reasons for its occurrence are not always clear, it is important to establish them. If shoes creak, in some cases the problem can be solved at home. Complex defects require the help of a professional shoemaker.

Why shoes creak

Reasons for creaking shoes

Causes of an unpleasant sound when running, walking:

  • Sand entering the sole during operation or in fabric folds during production.
  • Use of poor quality materials. Often creaks shoes made from a substitute for leather, synthetic fabrics.
  • Tight seams. In this case, the disgusting sound will disappear after the shoes are apart.
  • Violation of the technology of bonding individual parts. The creak coming from the heel, insole indicates a low quality product. A pair of sneakers is better to return to the store.
  • Damage to arch support – a plate that fixes the heel to the sole.
  • Improper drying. The use of heating appliances leads to drying out of the material, the appearance of squeaking.
  • Insufficiently good fixing of the insole, other elements. In this case, a creak may occur immediately after purchase or in the process of wearing. Unfixed insole when walking, running, moving out, provoking an unpleasant cutting sound.
  • Poorly installed heel pad. When it is not tight enough to the heel, an air gap forms where the sand gets. As a result, creaks in the heel area.
  • Worn threads, peeling off individual parts of high-quality shoes, shoes.

Ways to combat shoe creaking

To solve the problem, there are several methods. They should be used taking into account the reason why a pair of sneakers or sandals creaks. You can exchange shoes in the store, dry them or just put on socks. There are home remedies and professional repairs..


The simplest solution is to return low-quality goods. You can make it when obvious defects are visible. These include poor firmware, the presence of a paper strip between the layers of fabric, glue residue on the details.

Defective goods can be exchanged for another pair of shoes. This should be done within 14 days from the date of purchase. This is the warranty period. It is important to know that it does not apply to shoe hardware.


One of the reasons for squeaking is humidity. A cutting sound occurs when the material gets wet. To get rid of creaking shoes while walking, you need to dry shoes, boots or sneakers well. This can be done using a heating device. The shoe dryer is powered by electricity.

A more gentle process takes place in a warm, dry room that is well ventilated.

To speed up drying, put crumpled paper, such as newspapers, inside the boot, sneaker.

They absorb excess moisture. Change the paper regularly during drying. Pre-open the locks, untie and remove the laces, pull out the insoles.

Damage Repair

How to get rid of creaking shoes

If the shoe creaks while walking, carefully inspect it – cracks on the sole are possible. An annoying sound sometimes occurs when the lower part of the boot, sneakers, begins to recede. To eliminate creaking, use special shoe glue. When working with it, it is important to follow the instructions and accuracy. Gluing is necessary only after thorough drying and degreasing of the surfaces. After work leave sneakers, shoes for 24 hours until completely dry..

Wearing socks

If the shoes began to creak when walking on the bare foot, in this case the unpleasant sound does not come from the sneakers or boots themselves. The reason for its appearance is the friction of the skin of the feet on the inner surface of the shoe when walking or running. It increases with excessive sweating..

Wear socks to fix the situation. They will reduce the friction force, relieve unpleasant creak. Socks made of natural materials will absorb excess moisture, protect the skin from irritation and fungal damage. If you put on sandals and sandals on your bare foot, sprinkle talcum powder on your fingers and sole. It will be invisible to others, eliminate sweating. Talc can be replaced with special deodorants.

Professional repair

The problem cannot always be resolved on its own. In some cases, the help of a good master is required. The shoemaker will determine the reason why shoes creak while walking. A professional will carry out a quality repair, eliminate the damage that provoke the occurrence of noise. Sometimes this is not practical. Instead of making expensive repairs, it’s easier to get a new pair.

How to remove the creak of individual parts

Shoe creaking shoe

Unpleasant sounds when walking can cause damage, defects in the sole, the outer or inner side of the shoe. First, find out the reason, find out which part is creaking. After that, you can cope with the problem yourself at home. Useful tips for this..


Talc for shoes

If the creak appeared immediately after the purchase, and it was caused by tightly strained threads that sew boots or boots, use wax or castor oil. Preheat them, apply with a cotton swab to the seams. After drying, clean the wax with a vinegar dampened cloth..

Helpful hints:

  • If the sole creaks, use a hairdryer. Heat it slightly, and then bend it in different directions. Unpleasant sound will disappear for a long time.
  • When the lower part creaks due to drying out, put the steam on a damp cloth, leave it overnight. Slippers, sneakers or ballet shoes can be wrapped whole in a wet cloth.
  • It is easy to get rid of the creaking sound of the sole with the help of drying oil or castor oil, sometimes goose fat is used. Put them on the sole, leave for a day. Wipe off excess with a cloth. Such impregnation will protect sneakers or other sports shoes from moisture..
  • If boots, shoes or shoes creak due to poor fixing of the rubber sole, heel to the main part, use special glue. Dry the shoes thoroughly, treat the surface with P 100 grit sandpaper, degrease with a special solution. After applying glue, leave a couple for a day.

The outer part

Lacquer shoe care

To remove creaking shoes when walking, coming from the outer surface, use the following tips:

  • Lubricate it with grease or wax. Preheat the media. This method is only suitable for genuine leather products. It is important to know that after processing the surface may darken by 1-2 tones.
  • Remove the creak of textile shoes by wrapping them in a damp flannel or cotton rag and leave them overnight. When soaking, add shampoo to the water.
  • Treat varnished shoes from the inside with coconut or castor oil, you can apply petroleum jelly. After 8 hours, remove excess with a dry cloth. Varnish is most susceptible to stains, cracks and scratches. Use special products to care for it..
  • To prevent squeaking, to keep a smooth surface of leather shoes, use creams, soaks and other care products. They protect boots, shoes, or boots from the damaging effects of moisture, salt, and the chemicals used to treat roads in winter..

Inner part

In order to remove the creak that arises from the inside, it is important to determine why it arose:

  • When an unpleasant sound is provoked by insufficient fixation of the insole and heel, it is worthwhile to eliminate the problem and the unpleasant sound will disappear. You can do it yourself or ask a professional shoemaker for help..
  • Squeaking from wet shoes can be easily removed by thorough drying. No need to do this near heating appliances. The material will dry out, the service life of the shoe will decrease, and after some time cracks will appear on the surface of the skin or varnish, the sole will begin to crumble.
  • If the creaking of the inside of the shoes is caused by wearing them on your bare foot, put on your socks. When this is not possible, for example, you walk in sandals or sandals, treat your feet with special antiperspirants, talcum powder, which eliminates sweating.
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