A house in the woods, awarded the Design Award by the VOA

Country home design in the woods

Today we invite visitors on an amazing journey into the woods, where a graceful home lurks that won the Design Award in 2013. The woodland residence was created by the owner's desire to build a crafty home that would be responsible for order, beauty and conservation management. The uncomplicated geometry of the structure is enriched by the boldness of the materials, resulting in a structure that looks both sensual and sophisticated.

The home is a personal retreat and is ideal for people who are environmentally conscious but are used to the convenience and luxury of contemporary design style. A heroic wall meets visitors at the secluded entrance and protects with its might the rear of the house from harsh winter winds.

Country home living room in the woods

Open-plan interiors allow air to flow easily into rooms and stabilize temperatures. White walls reflect sunlight and accentuate the colors of furniture and decor.

Country home living room in the woods

Tall windows offer great views of the forest around the house, and it's the perfect home for a family that loves the outdoors and jogging on the surrounding trails.

Living room of a country house in the woods

Winter is in full swing outside, and the designers thought of ways to change the interior for the better so that it reflects the feel of the season. That's why the fall and winter décor brings a freshness to the living room, which contains a subtle splash of color.

Dining room of a country home in the woods

Winter is a special time of year when greenery fades and the world is left sleeping under a white sheet of snow. However, that doesn't mean the room can't embrace the warmth of spring. Spring will soon begin, and amidst the beauty of the blooms and the revived nature, winter will even be missed.

The bedroom of a country home in the woods
Country House Bathroom in the Woods

Color is important in creating an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. This is why many people use a chocolate-brown shade for the bathroom. It is an extremely versatile color for decorating spaces, and has the ability to add sophistication to an interior when mixed with colors such as white or ivory.

Country home design in the woods

The seemingly wooden wall is actually made of "corten steel" panels, they are an excellent alternative to a boundary wall and offer longevity and stamina in a dynamic climate.

Country house design in the woods
Country home design in the woods
Country home design in the woods
Country home design in the woods
Country home design in the woods

The woods house in 2013 was honored by the Architectural Record as House of the Month in March 2014. The house is a single-family residence and is located in the wooded base of Shawangunk, New York.

Outline of a suburban home in the woods
A plan of a country house in the woods
Plan of a country home in the woods
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