22 remarkable container house projects – a challenge to traditional construction

Beautiful Containers of Hope home in Costa Rica

A 20-minute drive from San Jose, Costa Rica, is this special retreat.

Its total area is 92 square meters. The 1,000-foot (1,000-ft) house is made up of two 12-meter-high tanks that are connected by a small corridor.

The facade is painted in bright colors, which makes it look flashy, but at the same time, it blends into the landscape without disturbing its harmony.

Some wall sections were replaced by glass panels which allow natural light to enter unobstructed.

Completely independent of public utilities, as it is far from civilization. It has independent lighting, heating, water and ventilation systems.

Inside there is nothing reminiscent of a metal frame, the proper stucco and wood finishes match the image of modern interior design.

The project is the result of close cooperation between the architect and his clients, who are personally present at every step of the long process.

2. Shipping Container House by Studio H:T

The exterior of The Beach Box in New York City

Interesting home design in Amagansett Dunes, New York, on Montauk Highway. The first floor consists of 4 modules that accommodate the kitchen, dining room, living room.

The plan has four bedrooms, two bathrooms and all on 185 sq. ft. m and a bonus of 120 square meters. m of outdoor space terraces and decks.

Beach Box is just 600 feet from the ocean, equipped with EcoTop water meters, economical heating, 16 air conditioning units.

The roof consists of white thermoplastic and additional foam insulation. Also uses Energy Star appliances and cypress siding. Floors of oak boards painted white.

The exterior cladding was clad with fiber cement materials and energy-efficient windows with low-E glazing. The cost of the masterpiece created from the containers is $1,395,000.

4. 31 Shipping Container Home by ZieglerBuild

The exterior of the Caterpillar house by Sebastián Irarrázaval

The modular design was created for a collector and his family. New shipping containers are used in the construction.

Just looking at the façade, the visitor will sense interest and intrigue: the deep black color intertwines with a gray concrete hue, this version fits perfectly into the landscape of the Andes.

Extremely economical version of a modern home with lots of windows, glass doors, dormers that make efficient use of energy.

6. Home in the Mojave Desert by Ecotec Design

The exterior of Crossbox by CG Architectes

This project is a prototype of a three-dimensional modular and manufactured home.

The purpose of its creation is to save the customer's financial investment for the construction of the building with a high focus on environmental issues.

Construction with industrial approach takes much less time. Each sector presents a very simple design inside: a living room on the first floor and three bedrooms on the first floor.

The intersection of the two boxes also provides a covered entrance to the main building and garage.

The original design in natural hues looks stunning from the outside, but on the inside it is a modern functional dwelling.

8. Home Contained – a cozy, modern 5-box home

The exterior of Six Oaks Residence in California

Here's another striking example of a cozy cabin that sits in an oak grove in the Felton Hills, Santa Cruz, Calif.

The accommodation in the area did not even require any additional finishing of the frame, the original view looks very colorful amidst such a marvelous landscape.

Three and a half containers make up a total area of 111 square meters. m, on which it has designed the perfect living environment with all the comforts and full functionality.

A peek inside reveals the sophisticated interiors, bright and spacious rooms, and relaxed atmosphere.

10. Containerlove by LHVH Architekten

Delightful home exterior by Adam Kalkin

This example of a house combines 12 shipping containers connected by a double glazed structure.

The iron frame is used as a frame and is located along the phalanxes of the two side walls, acts as a support for the central part.

Inside, the building is divided into two sections, each section accessed by a steel staircase.

Large dwelling with stunning design includes a spacious and open plan kitchen, living room and dining room.

Original and one-of-a-kind, it has earned the rapturous gaze of the residents of Blue Hill Township in Men.

12. Old Lady House by Adam Kalkin

Maison Container home patio by Patrick Partouche

A one of a kind residence, original in every aspect from the façade to the fascinating and colorful design.

The exterior walls are maximized with rich reds and large windows.

And inside, there is not even a hint that the building was erected from simple containers, on the contrary, there is a very lively atmosphere.

Against a background of contrasting shades of white and black, lush colors appear, which like flashes transform the interior, saturating it with incredible color.

The financial cost of constructing this masterpiece is €221.000, tempting, isn't it??

14. Croydon Lane Residence by Studio Jantzen

Modern design for The Sarah House in Salt Lake City

And this project is unique in every aspect, the first thing that sets it apart from its peers is that it was built with individual donations.

As inspiration for its creation was an unusual meeting of the author with a homeless artist named Sarah. Her problem was that she couldn't afford to buy her own home.

Impressed by Jeff White’s acquaintance and founded a small layout that, over time, has evolved into a modern economy-class residence.

The main goal was to demonstrate a method of building permanent and affordable housing for low-income families, with more than 1,800 people around the world watching the work from social media.

Reduced costs by using recycled and recycled materials, which significantly reduced costs.

The house was built from two 40-foot containers, with donations of time, money and materials, and the result is a favorable outcome that has given hope to many low-income people wishing to have a personal shelter.

16. Amazing Residence at El Tiemblo by James& Mau Arquitectura

The exterior of the WFH house from Arcgency

The architects put the following values into the concept of construction:

  • Flexibility that emphasizes human values, simplifying the functionality of the home and increasing the practicality of each area;
  • Reliability and durability combined with environmentally friendly, recyclable materials;
  • Aesthetically pleasing, both the facade and the interior solutions;
  • Open access to nature and vibrant organic colors;
  • The minimalist look makes for a sleek and understated look that's easy on the eyes;
  • Playfulness of the palette, especially attractive juicy shades on a white background.

18. Upcycle House by Lendager Arkitekter

A beautiful guest house in San Antonio

In San Antonio, a small guest house like this was built.

The small space ergonomically holds all the necessary functions, so if you offer your visitors is such a wonderful solution – they will only be glad.

The building sits in the courtyard of a large mansion and has been converted into a living space from a storage.

The façade painted a subtle blue color, several sections of metal have been cut out and replaced with double-glazed windows.

The container is equipped with heating and air conditioning systems, and the roof is filled with plants to help keep the temperature inside.

20. Two-Tree House by Golany Architects

The exterior of the Nomad Living home by Studio Arte architecture & design

A shipping container transformed into a cozy vacation home. For extra comfort, it has small terraces, large windows and all the necessary functionalities.

The bright color of the facade, a vibrant orange, cheers you up at first sight, and once you are inside, you feel a wonderful atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

Mobility and ergonomics were the main goals in the design of the exterior and interior design, as a result – a stunning result for the weekend.

22. Week End House 2+ by Jure Kotnik Arhitekt

The exterior of the house in Slovenia

The project is located in Slovenia, in the famous town of Trebnje.

Constructing a house from a container was as an option to build more economically and reduce the time to work. Two-plus – two levels of housing with miniblocks, standing perpendicular to each other.

Combining innovative fashion offers fresh and functional solutions.

The upper part provides the design of the canopy over the front entrance, as well as serving as a shelter for the back terrace.

The original facade illustrates a wide range of customizable exterior choices as simple as changing a cell phone bezel.

The modular system has another zest: the design can be expanded by adding more storage space, and reduced, it all depends on the space requirements of the people using it.

Low cost of materials and work make them competitive with traditional enclosures.

We introduced you to the brightest representatives of the original and economical way to build modern housing.

As you can see, the options are endless, from the most chic shipping container mansions, to compact weekend homes.

Stunning versions, built in the shortest time and with a full range of features, will be a great solution to fill the real estate market and increase the living space of the economy class.

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