Tunnel Design: The Challenge of Everyday Life

Beautiful tunnel design in Amsterdam

Pretty decor doesn't interfere with safety

Since late 2015, there have been 15,000 daily cyclists, as well as pedestrians, around the clock. No heavy traffic here, just the kind of place the city has been missing. No unnecessary turns, the direction of travel is strictly straight. One side of the corridor is decorated with roughly 80,000 Delft Blue tiles.

Tunnel design in Amsterdam with pedestrian and cycle zone

If you walk slowly, you can see the wall mural by Dutch artist Irma Bohom, she uses the famous blue Delft tiles. A painting inspired by the 17th century artist Cornelis Baummeester, it gradually develops into an abstract composition as the wall faces the water.

Tunnel design in Amsterdam: Artistic design

Design of a tunnel in Amsterdam: the peculiarities of artistic design

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