7 Ashley Park Road – architectural diamond sells for $4.2 million, Toronto, Canada

The remarkable 669-square-metre, five-bedroom, seven-bath mansion at 7 Ashley Park Road in Toronto, Canada.

Piano in the interior of the mansion
Kitchen interior design at 7 Ashley Park Road
Interior design of the kitchen area at 7 Ashley Park Road
Dining room design at 7 Ashley Park Road
Interior Design 7 Ashley Park Road
7 Ashley Park Road bedroom interior design
The design of the children's room at 7 Ashley Park Road
Interior bathroom design in a mansion
Mansion interior design
Interior design 7 Ashley Park Road

Around this chic mansion extends into the wooded area. A great option for hikers and nature lovers. But The house is not cut off from civilization and is located in an upscale neighbourhood between Edenbridge and Kingsway. Many schools can be found in the neighborhood: art, French, Catholic and others, as well as a number of prestigious high schools. Lovers of wholesome entertainment and shopping will also enjoy the golf club and shopping center.

Now along with Forum City, let's discuss what's inside this expensive 7 Ashley Park Road splendor? Clean calm colors are complemented by bright interior items. A soft sofa and a tufted white carpet we see in the lounge. Marble kitchen with modern appliances.

Moving on, we see a small table and comfortable armchairs on the outdoor balcony, the perfect place to spend quiet summer evenings outdoors with a view of the forest. The spacious bedroom is decorated with a soft carpet on the floor and large windows. Two children's rooms: one in a light palette with a cute decor on the wall in the form of the inscription "Angel", and the other is present fuchsia wall with butterflies on it, apparently for the little fashionista. Several bright bathrooms also hide behind the walls of the mansion.

Interesting chandeliers in different shapes throughout the house are eye-catching, and there's also built-in energy-saving lighting. Small details, such as an elegant glass table, add sophistication. A billiard room, foosball court and even a breakfast bar are all you need for a great time! Sporting amenities, too, as one of the rooms is equipped with fitness equipment. And on the terrace you can not only just relax, but also swim in your own pool.

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    What makes the property at 7 Ashley Park Road such a valuable architectural diamond that it sold for a staggering $4.2 million? Are there any unique features or historical significance associated with this house in Toronto, Canada?

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