A bold idea: the cantilevered Utriai Residence by G.Natkevicius & Partners looks like an ocean-going ship, a suburb of Klaipeda, Lithuania

Some designs delight us with their opulence, while others appeal to us with sleek and modern designs, the likes of which are just in vogue today. But there are still those that strike us with their unusual shape and sometimes sheer boldness in appearance. Today to your attention, dear visitors of Forum City, we offer quite an unusual idea.

In a small town called Vežaičiai in Western Lithuania's Klaipėda County, there's no place better suited for a cantilever home. It seems that it is more suited to travel on the ocean, rather than a stable life on land. The Utriai Residence was designed by the Lithuanian studio G.Natkevicius& Partners, which designs similar buildings in its home country.

Utriai Residence

This building is intended for a young family of three and is located on the beautiful and lush hillside of the Minia Valley. Its design is contrary to the general modern trend of using glass and wood. It is suitable for a more exotic fashion. One of the advantages of such a house is additional parking. At the same time, the interiors, most of them in stone and concrete, seem uncomplicated and spacious.

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows offer beautiful views of the valley, and the use of neutral tones creates a relaxed and soft atmosphere. The unusual shape and relatively modest interior design make the Utriai Residence a thoughtful and well-planned project.

Utriai Residence
Utriai Residence
Utriai Residence
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  1. Juniper

    The Utriai Residence is truly stunning and unique, resembling an ocean-going ship in a suburb of Lithuania. However, I’m curious to know how the design and concept of this cantilevered house was inspired by the surrounding environment?

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