A charming family nest in Palm Beach by Vaughn McQuarrie, New Zealand

Welcome to Forum City. Visitors will be interested in the unusual shapes and design of the stunning Palm Beach home. These days we very often see a lot of modern urban houses and villas, but sometimes we want to get away from it all, from the hustle and bustle and take refuge in nature.

Wooden table and chairs on the terrace

Stained-glass windows and an open terrace connecting all the rooms of the triplex house. Palm Beach House designers assured that the interior is visually connected to nature through the use of large glass windows and doors. The open living room becomes a natural extension of the kitchen and dining room. The warm colors of wood, which are dominant in the residence, make it very cozy and allow you to merge even more with your surroundings.

Red armchair on the terrace
Color accents in the wooden kitchen

A soft plush sofa in soothing greys takes center stage in the living room. In some elements, the house has red inserts, which give the room a very special character.

Terrace armchair with forest view
Wooden staircase along the side of the house
Glass front door
A house in the middle of the forest

The bedroom is done very neatly with the use of accents that give a special coziness and exude the spirit of privacy. This house is made for a relaxed and quiet lifestyle!

Materials courtesy of Vaughn McQuarrie.

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