A chic design of a panoramic oceanfront residence

I would like to begin with the usual question – which country is the hottest and located in the land of the eternal sun? That's right, it's Africa! And naturally, people during their vacations seek to go exactly where the sun shines forever. For many, these are just temporary getaways made specifically for relaxation. But there are also those who want to stay longer, buying up entire tracts of land and building their homes on them. Today, the popular forum will show its favorite readers a slice of the dream – oceanfront home!

Combined beauty of the dining room and living room

According to the architect himself, the Modern home design he was inspired by the proximity to the sea and the clients' specific requirements to stay within their budget.

The interior of the house along with the transition

A special type of brick was used as the main material, covered with stucco. The front and back pavilions are connected by a gallery, which is designed in the same style to make a continuity of style in all segments of the house. Plus, the muted colors of the concrete contrast wonderfully with the lighter shades of the stucco.

Bathtub-study right in the bedroom

Transparent glass for interior walls was used to increase the space in the rooms. Oak was chosen as the flooring, which resonates very well with porcelain stoneware.

A frontal view of the cottage
A kitchen with a sea view is any housewife's dream!
A transition gallery between segments of a home
A guest bedroom with an ocean view
The perfect place to relax after a hard day's work
Evening illumination of the facade of the house
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