A civilization outpost amid the wilderness: a modern home in the Mojave Desert

The largest architectural studio from the city Palm Springs o2 Architecture, The architects of the California House InFormation developed and realized a unique project of a residence called "California House InFormation" Rock Reach. Luxury cottage located 4,000 feet above sea level in the picturesque and evocative desert Mojave, which is in the U.S. state of California.

According to the architects: "As part of a collaboration between developer Blue Sky Homes LLC and architect Lance O’Donnell of o2 Architecture Workshop, interesting house project "The 1000 sq.m. property is set in an interesting landscape and incredible terrain in the Mojave Desert, renowned for its magnetic charm and distinctive aesthetic appeal.

Rock Reach Home in California

The residence has a simple and concise appearance in the form of a square. In doing so, it has all the necessary functional areas and areas for relaxing, living and enjoying the outdoors. The façade walls of the house were covered with extremely attractive and natural materials with distinctive texture, and the frame of the building is based on strong and reliable steel beams.

A cantilevered roof overhang with photovoltaic panels not only protects the interior décor and small terrace from the scorching rays but also makes the structure independent of the urban infrastructure and electrical systems.

Outdoor Terrace at Rock Reach Home in California

This charming balcony offers an incredibly picturesque and expressive view of the natural surroundings, majestic rocks with unparalleled relief and texture, rare greenery and endless wilderness. Sliding window openings and doors with frosted glass to combine interior comfort with the surrounding panorama, to bring a breath of fresh air into the interior and organize a beautiful space for a relaxing pastime in the company of relatives, family members and friends.

Rock Reach home interior design in California by o2 Architecture

The floor surface was clad in a textured concrete finish, bringing a sense of originality and special natural appeal to the atmosphere. It harmonizes wonderfully with the light-colored walls and interesting wooden cabinets for compact storage of various things, clothes, dishes and appliances. The living room is equipped with Designer furnishings In the form of two unique wicker upholstered chairs and a bright comfortable chaise lounge. A creative coffee table with a surface in the shape of a cross section of a centuries-old tree trunk and a remarkable palace with textured pattern add special eccentricity and uniqueness to the ambiance.

The outdoor terrace of the Rock Reach home in California

A metal fence with a concise and unpretentious design envelopes the structure on one side, smoothly passing into the frame of small window openings. They allow apartment owners to admire the picturesque and expressive landscape of the surrounding nature, while not fearing for their safety and life.

Bedroom interior design by o2 Architecture

The bathroom is equipped with illuminated mirror, With a luxurious furniture set with wood fronts and marble countertops, as well as modern plumbing fixtures and floral arrangements.

Interior design for the Rock Reach home in California by o2 Architecture

Interior Photography Courtesy of the workshop NuVue.

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