A new take on royalty – a remarkable renovation of a Victorian house

Harmony and close interconnection between antique and modern forms; organic and effective mixture of different styles in the decoration of the interiors; sunlit spaces and undoubted coziness. You can see it all in the mansion's immaculate modernization project Paddington Terrace House (Sydney, Australia) by Luigi Rosselli Architects.

In every country you can find a huge number of old buildings that still fascinate and enchant you with their unique configurations, unique details and general nobility. Of course, many of them have been restored and refurbished, received the status of architectural heritage and are successfully exploited today.

But there is also a large number of these houses with history, which for various reasons were not included in the above category, so they either gradually deteriorate, or pass into private ownership.

Once chic home Paddington Terrace House, located in the suburbs Sydney, Australia, over time has lost its luster. But the royal grace that neither time nor people could destroy attracted the attention of one family. And she decided not just to restore the unique look of the building, but to turn it into modern luxury housing. For this were invited competent designers, who managed to gain fame as humanists in relation to the ancient architecture, as in most of the previous works they tried to preserve as much as possible the individuality of each building.

Getting ahead of the story, the mansion is structurally a collection of several independent parts. And only one of them has been modernized. This project is also fascinating because you can see the results of the designers' work.

Paddington Terrace House in Australia
Paddington Terrace House residence in Australia
Outdoor pool

For the interior design of the first floor of the mansion a surprising and inimitable fusion. Thanks to this in one volume organically and complementarily look forms of different styles.

For example, in one of the living rooms, located near the terrace, you can see a classic armchair, an abstract painting, a typical ethnical cabinet, a chandelier, and ceramic tableware. In the second – French armchairs, royal sofa, fireplace and mirror, ethnic tables and figurines, modern designer chandelier.

Interior design Paddington Terrace House, Australia
Paddington Terrace House residence interior design in Australia
Paddington Terrace House interior design in Australia

A very different atmosphere reigns on the second level. The staircase upstairs already shows you that the exuberance of fantasy is behind you, and the elegance and luxury of classics lies ahead.

The fact that the designers decided to stick to a unified style on this floor can be attributed to. First, structurally, this part of the building is almost unchanged, that is, the spectacular ceiling curbs, baseboards and even the unique window decoration and doors. Secondly, there are the bedrooms and baths, where you want all the relaxation and peace and quiet you need – and fusion is not really an option.

Well, the authors decided to emphasize royalty with expensive furniture, textiles and other decorative elements, luxurious plumbing and finishing materials.

Paddington Terrace House interior design in Australia
A mirror in the interior

Photo courtesy of Luigi Rosselli Architects

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