A simple and stylish renovation of the old Connaught house by Naturehumaine, Notre-Dame-de-Gras, Montreal

The Connaught Residence, located in Notre Dame de Grasse, Montreal, once had the appearance of a dreary concrete house built back in the '50s, and was in need of a major renovation. The owner is the head of a growing family, so he wanted something a little more spacious and modern. But it was desirable to retain a certain piece of the past, which means the designs of the new and old house must somehow harmonize.

Renovating a house

Naturehumaine, the firm responsible for renovating the building, found a solution after careful analysis. In order to increase the living space, the design team began by expanding the. The changes have also affected the interior. We needed to make it warmer and more inspiring. This was achieved by using a light floor and an abundance of glass.

A seating area in the courtyard
Brick stonework in the driveway
Glass shower enclosure
Connaught Residence Interior Design
Interior design for the Connaught residence
Connaught Residence Interior Design
Connaught Residence Interior Design
Wooden kitchen interior design
Connaught residence kitchen interior design
Connaught Residence Interior Design
Connaught Residence Interior Design
Connaught Residences Layout Design
Connaught Residences layout design
Connaught Residences Layout Design
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  1. Tatum

    The renovation of the old Connaught house by Naturehumaine in Montreal looks impressive! But I’m curious to know more about the specific elements that give it a simple and stylish appeal. Can you please elaborate on the design choices and features that make this renovation stand out?

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