A striking composition of wood and light in the Storm Cottage project by Fearon Hay Architects, New Zealand

This time we offer the readers of Forum City to expand their knowledge of the options for facades and interiors for modern housing. Today we're taking a look at Great Barrier Island in New Zealand, which is home to A picturesque place for a home.

Tree House and Storm Cottage in New Zealand

Small, but modern cottage has been arranged for a perfect and comfortable stay away from the central utilities. It has an individual water system and solar electricity.

The original appearance of the black, pitch-black, rectangular structure allows it to look as aesthetically pleasing as the backdrop of the mountainside and the bay.

Tree House and Storm Cottage in New Zealand

Light composition for the living room Includes soft artificial lighting, which corresponds to the natural one. The light from the appliances beautifully emphasizes the wood finish of the room, creating the effect of lightness and homeliness. Being in the area in the evening gives you a great view of the water.

Tree House and Storm Cottage in New Zealand

The basis of the entire interior, however, are the wooden coverings, which are placed throughout the house. The architects' main goal was to create an eco-friendly, nature-friendly dwelling.

A house made of wood and Storm Cottage in New Zealand

The windows are covered with metal screens for intimacy, and they also serve as a shelter from the hot sun. Easy adjustment allows you to freely set the desired position for them.

Wooden House and Storm Cottage in New Zealand

The creators of the project implemented an effective solution and got the façade and small home interior, Which will look organically against the backdrop of nature and will be comfortable for its residents.

Photos courtesy of Patrick Reynolds.

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