A striking design project for a detached house with a wooden façade

Facade cladding of the Port Fairy House 2 with wooden slats

The wooden screens below protect the family from prying eyes, providing privacy and offering a great alternative to windows. The timber exterior of the house has an unusual system of access to the upper floor: there is an elevator on the inside, while the outside is decorated with wooden stairs that seem to embrace the entire house.

The materials used to decorate the facade will age over time, integrating it into the picturesque setting.

Port Fairy House 2 wooden slats facade cladding
Façade of Port Fairy House 2
Interior design of a kitchen with an island
Facade of a private house Port Fairy House 2
Port Fairy House 2 private home facade
Façade of Port Fairy House 2

Interesting wooden house project by Farnan Findlay Architects.

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