A Winter Tale all Year Round: The adorable White Cave House in Kanagawa – an eternal snowdrift by Takuro Yamamoto Architects

A modern White Cave House in Japan
The White Cave House courtyard in Japan
Courtyard of White Cave House in Japan
The White Cave House Courtyard in Japan
Panoramic windows of White Cave House
White Cave House in Japan

Straight angles, lots of free space and minimum of furniture – the style typical of a Japanese house. White color is successfully diluted with light wood furniture. Even the white kitchen furniture, thanks to the clearly outlined doors and the play of shadows on the surfaces of the regular shape, does not merge with the space.

Panoramic windows overlooking the courtyard
White kitchen island
White Cave House interior design
Plan diagram of the first and second floor of the White Cave House mansion

Materials provided by Takuro Yamamoto Architects.

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