Alone with nature and yourself: the majestic Afeka House in Tel Aviv by architects Axelrod and Pitsou Kedem

Welcome to “Beautiful Country House”. We're talking about Afeka House, a collaborative project Axelrod architects By Pitsou Kedem.

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, the house is a beautiful white building with spacious rooms and lots of windows. There are even windows in the ceiling. According to the authors of the project, they add lightness, airiness and spaciousness to the rooms.

The exterior of the private Afeka House

As mentioned above, it is a huge building with white walls. An unusual-looking design gives the house a special elegance and majesty.

The Afeka House private home terrace
Swimming Pool at Afeka House
Interior design of the living room in shades of gray

The interior is exceptional and again the huge windows do the trick. It is undoubtedly a pleasure to be here. There is a feeling of comfort and hospitality even from the pictures.

White staircase to the second floor
White stairs to the second floor of the Afeka House
Glass doors to the terrace
Dining room interior design
White interior Afeka House

The windows in the ceiling give you a sense of being in touch with the air and with nature. The large amount of white gives the already huge rooms even more space, nothing is too much of a nuisance.

There is much to see, though: the original interior of the tables, furniture and other decorations give the viewer the opportunity to enjoy them to the full. With such an unusual design the building doesn't even look like a hospital. But you can't call it the home of the average person either.

Afeka House floor plan
Afeka House floor plan

To summarize, we can say that this house is ideal for relaxation, both body and soul.

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