Amazing Ex House country house with wood trim

Ex House residence is a charming house located in the municipality of Castillejo de Mesleón, which is part of the province of Segovia, Spain. The creative design was developed through the efforts of engineers and designers of the Madrid company GARCIAGERMAN ARQUITECTOS in 2011. The house is located in a surprisingly picturesque and expressive area, surrounded by low greenery And the unique nature. This landscape area has a beneficial effect on the health of the family and their psychological well-being, as mild climatic conditions, fresh air and clean ecology produce a positive effect.

Ex House apartment design in Spain

Facade decoration made with textured blonde wood, whose natural hue gives the building a great natural and relaxed. The porch is decorated with a white metal staircase in a simple and unpretentious appearance, which continues in the interior. An unusual roof overhang protects the entrance area from the rain and the scorching sun and enhances the unique architectural ensemble of the structure. The facade of the mansion has a confidential and hidden image, and the opposite side has panoramic windows with an expressive outdoor terrace, which is protected by snow-white light curtains.

Ex House apartment design in Spain

Panoramic window openings allow to unite the porch in an alcove with the guest lounge, which has a welcoming and delightful appearance, realized through the use of natural building and finishing materials, as well as textured surfaces.

Interior of Ex House apartments in Spain

The lounge area is equipped with a sectional upholstered sofa with white upholstery, a coffee table and cozy armchair with leather seating. The friendly atmosphere of this room is completed by a small fireplace, a TV set and a lot of books that occupy the whole window-sill, thus creating a home library. Such a relaxing and pleasant environment allows the whole family to enjoy their favorite programs in the evening, reading a book or having a warm conversation.

Interior of the apartments Ex House in Spain

The kitchen is located in a small distance away, allowing you to prepare meals and culinary delicacies in a quiet and private atmosphere. Black glossy furniture set looks extremely effective and stylish, it blends perfectly with wall design and metal-clad appliances. Three lamps hanging from the ceiling make it possible to create an incredible optical effect of light and shadow play in the room.

Design of the Ex House apartments in Spain

Interesting house design Ex House by GARCIAGERMAN ARQUITECTOS is a wonderful example of how you can transform your living space into a cozy and attractive corner, which is perfect for a relaxing break from the stress and bustle of the city, as well as for work and regular life.

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