For true connoisseurs of elegance and chic, the minimalist Bass Ensemble by Hyla Architects, Singapore

Bass Ensemble Minimalist Mansion, Singapore

The open floor plan of the first floor suggests a large glazing area. It allows an atmosphere of openness and blurs the boundaries between the environment and the building's interior. For privacy you can use special shields. They are made of bamboo and tightly close the private life of the inhabitants from prying eyes.

The pool in a minimalist Bass Ensemble mansion, Singapore
The staircase in Bass Ensemble's minimalist mansion, Singapore

A sweeping staircase connects the floors, and the harmony of the materials, such as glass and wood, gives it a soft and harmonious overall effect. Shower enclosures in the bathroom resplendent with opulent wood, glass, and rich, unusual textures. There is no stereotyped design which has long been irrelevant. One of the rooms is made in warm natural colors and materials, the second in a darker shade of cool.

Shower room in the minimalist Bass Ensemble mansion, Singapore
The bathroom in the minimalist mansion Bass Ensemble, Singapore
Bathroom in Bass Ensemble's minimalist mansion, Singapore

Amazing modern sinks are striking in their luxury of elegant shapes. Spacious rooms without superfluous elements and accessories look very nice and cozy. Spacious rooms, no superfluous elements in the design and decor, sophistication and modernity allowed to create a bright and unforgettable view of the house.

Courtesy of Derek Swalwell.

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