Amazing house with no corners in Chiharada – charming roundness by Studio Velocity

Chiharada home interior design

Bedrooms are on the first floor, while living quarters are above. Four stairwells are placed at different heights. The staircases are unique. According to architects Miho Iwatsuki and Kentaro Kurihar they connect the room and form an uninterrupted habitat.

The interior space is reminiscent of childhood, when everything was filled with meaning. If you look from above, it looks like the furnishings of the rooms are a fun constructor. There's a kind of charm and mystery to it.

Interior design of a house in Chiharada
Interior design of a house in Chiharada
Dining area of a house in Chiharada
Interior finishing of a house in Chiharada
Wooden wall decoration house in Chiharada
The interior of a playroom at home in Chiharada

The online magazine “Beautiful Country House” will reflect the views of many visitors when they say that this miracle in Chiharada is a real philosophical concept of the East.

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