An introverted house with a double-skin facade will amaze the imagination

Happy to welcome travel lovers. An unusual house was built in Vietnam. A resident of Hošemín sets a series of requirements for his family's future home. Created a unique structure specialists I.House Architecture and Construction.

Among the requirements of the owner were the use of natural materials, and they must be local, which is much cheaper. Obligatory workroom. An area where all family members can spend time together and everyone will find something interesting to do. The interior should have a lot of living plants. Maximize energy savings by using natural light and ventilation.

Among the conditions were some that were not quite compatible. For example, architecturally, the house should be introverted, but with plenty of space and access for air and sunlight. The façade should be open, but conceal everything going on in the house.

The front of the house, covered in green plants

Behind the concrete glazing glistens with glass. The greenery occupies an intermediate distance and stretches toward the light.

Home interior design by I.House Architecture and Construction

The double-layered structure of the front wall of the house is clearly visible from the living room. Between the large stained-glass windows and the square honeycomb there are decorative plants and even trees. The interior design is made in warm brown colors. Darker sofa backs and lighter striped seating. Cushions have different colors and serve not only for comfort, but also as a decoration. The wooden table is decorated with a red stripe below the worktop.

The side walls are not plastered, but the brickwork is painted white. Above the sofas hangs a painting of autumn flowers in a clay vase. Opposite is a large TV screen. Chandelier with unusual lampshade. It is composed of many large petals and stands out for its light, decorative look in a relatively Spartan room setting.

Wooden home furnishings by I.House Architecture and Construction

The kitchen is separated from the deck by a floor ledge, and a tree trunk stands on the border. Dark wood island and dining table. The surface of the furniture is made of narrow boards of thin trunks, as you can see the lighter sapwood. Designer furniture stands out against the background of concrete and painted brick with its smartness. Ornamental plant with large leaves in the window opening. The shoots of a young reed planted along the wall peek out to the right.

Green vegetation in the interior of the house by I.House Architecture and Construction

Swings for the youngest members of the family are suspended directly from the stair crossing beam. The path leading into the kitchen is lined with square tiles of various shades. The front of the island and kitchen furniture are decorated with wood mosaics of different species and tonalities. A variety of ornamental plants grow around the trunk. Garden stone covers the surface of flowerbeds and borders.

Interior home design by I.House Architecture and Construction

Cool air rises through the openings at the bottom of the wall along the free side aisles and ventilates the rooms.

The home's grand staircase by I.House Architecture and Construction

Living rooms have a multi-storey apartment type entrance. Traditionally Vietnamese families are big and consist of several generations of relatives living together. The open door reveals a desk with a monitor and a window overlooking the street and a concrete grid. The textiles used for the house are simple and natural. The curtains on the windows are double. Some create shade during the day and others to cover the room more tightly from light at bedtime.

Bathroom at home by I.House Architecture and Construction

The bathroom is tiled in a retro style with remnants of tile. Different colors and patterns are arranged chaotically, with no definite system. Glass shower front and door. Window and dense vegetation instead of a back partition. All flowerbeds inside the house and along the front should be cared for by the oldest members of the family.

Passageways between rooms in a house by I.House Architecture and Construction

In the evening, the house is illuminated by small but powerful LED lights. They are located on the walls, ceiling and stairwells.

Interior home decor by I.House Architecture and Construction

The kitchen and dining room furnishings are made of different shades and sizes of wood. Local materials were used according to the owner's request. The whole family can gather inside the house and everyone can find something to do.

Flowers in the interior of the home by I.House Architecture and Construction

Just off the stairs is a small study of the owner, separated from the foyer by an openwork wall and a glass door. Inside the house there is a lot of greenery and light.

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