An ode to open space – a magnificent project of a large family home with a swimming pool

P House poolside seating area

The planners said this cottage is a puzzle game. It's not easy to find the visual connection between empty and full, private and semi-private neighborhoods that are unwaveringly intertwined with a delightful view of the city. The building is on the banks of the Pinheiros, one of the main rivers in Brazil. From here you can trace the valley, in whose enchanting gardens the skyscrapers of the capital are drowned.

The exterior of the P House
The P House patio seating area
P House patio seating
The interior of the modern P House
P House modern home interior
P House Contemporary Interior
P House Contemporary Interior
P House Contemporary Interior
The terrace of the modern P House
The lighting system at P House
P House lighting system
P House layout by MK27
P House layout plan by MK27

You'd be amazed how wonderfully the experts have combined the beautiful cityscape, treetops and a beautiful terrace with his rooms?! Tell us what you think of this amazing property.

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