An unusually shaped house for a family with young children by Yaita Architectural Studio, Tokyo, Japan

Good day to all the visitors of Forum City. Please take a look at this highly unusual in shape home. This private residence is located in Meguro Tokyo, Japan. This structure was designed by an association Yaita. The house was built for a family with two young children. The building is shaped like a vase. The house has 2 large balconies on the first and second floor. One of the windows and the entrance seem to protrude from the exterior wall, and space for balconies was designed into the side wall. The residence features a children's room with a toy closet, library and walk-in closet. Kitchen, dining room and living room are built to save space and look attractive.

For fresh air and light, the mansion has a design like this toplight. It's an air chamber with an exhaust pipe to let air in through the gap in the living room ceiling. The form of the house was the result of the search, which took place throughout the design and construction. It was as if the house was taking shape by itself during construction, and the end result was both satisfying and pleasing.

A house in Tokyo
The porch
Interior of a home in Tokyo
Kitchen interior
Kitchen interior
Interior of a house in Tokyo
Interior of the house in Tokyo
A bookcase
Tokyo house

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