Asian minimalism in a monochrome urban home design project

The exterior of the Goodlink residence by Locus Associates

As a result, the designers constructed an additional upper floor, extended the front and rear wings of the cottage, and radically updated the façade. The task was made much more difficult by the physical attachment of the townhouse to the adjacent semi-detached villa.

The use of modern building materials avoided increasing the visual massing too much. The white color and the large number of windows make the house look light and harmonious. To make sure it doesn't particularly feel the debilitating tropical heat inside, it features wide verandas, balconies, and a deep courtyard with a canopy used for parking. In addition, custom-made blinds on the balcony doors are part of the passive ventilation system.

The exterior of the Goodlink residence by Locus Associates
Goodlink Residence Courtyard

The color palette chosen includes only three primary colors: a classic minimalist combination of black and white, and natural wood color for the flooring and some of the furniture. This choice provided a sense of wholeness to the whole concept.

The interior spaces are an extension of the exterior styling, flowing seamlessly into each other through the absence of interior doors and partitions. Such a project can exist out of time, pleasing its owners with unusual beauty and thought-out comfort.

Stylish Living Room Interior Design
Blinds on the windows of the Goodlink Residence
Interior design of the Goodlink residence
The exterior of the Goodlink residence by Locus Associates
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