Atherton Residence by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects – a chic residence in the arms of nature, California, USA

Greetings to all regular participants and guests of Forum City! Take a deep dive into the wonderful world of design and architecture of our time. Take a look at the work of the talented design team at Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects. They recently completed another project to build a unique mansion called the Atherton Residence, located in California, USA.

A house on the pier

The only thing the clients wished to keep was the existing landscape with an artificial pond. They wanted their new residence to be a secluded spot, where they could enjoy the stunning scenery of a mesmerizing body of water. Another advantage of this site is the natural isolation of the mansion's occupants' personal space. The overall design plan called for the construction of four locations: the main building, the study for the home office, the outdoor pool and the garage. They form a circular area which runs along the edge of the entire plot, centering on the lake and swimming pool inside the plantation.

Rustic wooden facade
Terrace with sun loungers
Dining table
Sun Room
House Layout
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